5 Netflix Recs

I know this is super random, BUT– people are always asking for Netflix recommendations so I thought I’d compile a list of shows I’ve watched [and loved] recently.

#1 Unbelievable

This show was literally unbelievable…punny, I know. But seriously, it’s based on the true story of a teenager named Marie who was accused of lying about her own rape. It was incredibly well written and just all around well done. It’s definitely a heavy show but so worth the watch if your heart can handle the subject matter.

#2 YOU

Okay, this ones a no brainer and you’ve probably already binged the entire thing– and if not I guarantee you’ve seen at least one meme about it. YOU is an off the wall love story that centers around a man named Joe. Just what are the lengths that Joe will go to for love? You’ll just have to watch and see.

#3 Lost in Space

When David first told me he wanted to watch this I thought, “no way!” But, for his sake, I gave it a chance and one episode in I was hooked. We binged the entire thing while we were in the hospital having Mikaela and two years later, season two is FINALLY here. Based on a show from the 60s with the same name, it’s about a family, The Robinson’s, who are a part of the first colony to live in space. Just trust me, so good, y’all.

#4 Cheer

Maybe it’s just the former assistant All-Starz coach in me, but I loved this docuseries. It follows the top college competitive cheer squad in the country from Navarro college, on their journey to defend their national title. I looooove watching cheer routines, one of my youtube guilty pleasures, so this show was right up my ally.

#5 The Umbrella Academy

I’ll have to admit, this was another one of David’s suggestions that I straight rolled my eyes at but I will admit when I’m wrong and I WAS WRONG. This show, based on a comic book series, follows the 7 adopted children of Sir Reginald Hargreeves on a mission to save the world. Sounds cheesy but it’s good. If for no other reason, watch it for the character Klaus…he’s hysterical.


The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Schitts Creek

The Circle

What shows have you watched and loved on Netflix recently?



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