The W Nail Bar | DSW Springfield

For the past 5 years since moving to Northern Virginia, I’ve been on the hunt for a quality nail salon with a professional nail tech that specializes in nail art. If you’ve followed me for any number of days, you know I don’t like boring nails and I’ve always got crazy colors or fun designs.


After just seeing photos of the W Nail Bar, I had a hunch that it would become my go to salon. Not only is the salon itself clean and breathtakingly beautiful on the inside, they only use the highest quality products and their techs are so friendly and professional.


The W Nail Bar is a 100% all natural nail salon who’s products are completely vegan and safe from all harsh chemicals. They even create, use and sell their own line of products including scrubs, lotions, cuticle oil and more. They take the health and strength of your nails very seriously and don’t use anything that would be harmful to your natural nail. This means no acrylic, dip, drills, nada. Instead they use all gel and gel extensions which my tech was telling me are so much better for your nails.


Speaking of my tech, Jaycie was absolutely incredible. She was so kind and did an amazing job on both my mani and my pedi. After years of searching, I have found my NOVA nail tech!!! She came all the way from Ohio to manage the Springfield W Nail Bar and I’m so glad she did. She was so personable, answered all of my questions and knocked my nail art out of the park. 10 out of 10 recommend seeing Jaycie if you visit the Springfield location…unless you go with me, then you’ll have to pick another tech because Jaycie is mine. (;




Overall, I had the best afternoon with Jaycie and the rest of the staff at the W Nail Bar. With 2 locations in the Northern VA area, Springfield and Fairfax, you should definitely make a girls day and come get pampered for a few hours. The first 600 people to come in to either location for a service will leave with a swag bag with free product, a gift card for your next visit and more.


Check out the W Nail Bar website for more information, grab some of their all natural products, book your appointment and more.



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