Early to bed but PLEASE don’t be early to rise…

I am NOT a morning person, never have been. My ideal morning? The only way I’m a morning person? Let me sleep until at least 9, bring me coffee, then let me just lay in get bed and watch a little tv. Then, I will happily get up and begin my day….

Are you laughing too? I’m definitely laughing because as a mom of 2 under 4, you know I never get that “ideal morning.”

Unlike Mikaela, Monroe has always been a great sleeper. She started sleeping through the night at just over a month old and as she grew into a toddler, she was sleeping in to close to 10am everything morning. It was glorious. Do you know how much I was able to get done in that time? How many loads of laundry I could do? How many episodes of Teen Mom I could watch? Now that she’s gotten older, she’s got this super fun new habit of waking us up between 6:30 and 7am. Most of the time she keeps us awake long enough that we’re up for the day and then she goes back to sleep all cozied up in our bed. *insert eye roll here* It’s gone on for too long and this mama’s just not having it anymore.

When Mikaela was born, we bought her a Nest sound machine from Hatch Baby. As a sound machine, it’s amazing in every way, but it has so many other features that we don’t yet need for her at such a young age. When Hatch Baby launched their new Nest+, I knew we had to get Monroe one. I was determined that it would be the answer to our early rising problems.

What I love about the Hatch Baby Nest+

-Not only is it a sound machine with 11 different sounds to choose from, it’s also a night light. You can choose from their set colors or create your own custom nightlight color. Monroe LOVED choosing her very own shade of, none other than, pink to shine while she sleeps.

-It connects to an app that lets me control the device from my phone. This may seem like a silly feature…BUT…it has come in handy so many times. For instance, a few weeks ago with the 4th of July fireworks were blaring outside, I was able to pull up the app really quickly and turn up Mikaela’s machine so she wouldn’t wake up.

-The new Rest+ has a clock on the front with large numbers. Simple, but the first Rest machine didn’t have a clock and I’m loving this new feature.

-The Rest+ is also equipped with a 2 way sound monitor. This new feature is so helpful, especially when traveling. While it’s nice to have a video monitor, but thanks to the included sound monitor, that’s just one less thing we’ll have to pack when we go out of town. It’s also nice to be able to whip out my app and listen in on or talk to Roe in her room without yelling if I need to.

-Possibly my favorite feature is what’s called the “time to rise” feature, making the Nest+ is completely programable. At 8pm, I set her machine to automatically turn pink and starts playing white noise; this is her night time setting. At 8am, her machine turns blue and the sound of birds chirping plays softly, she knows that then (and only then), she allowed to leave her room.

-And can we talk about how cute the little coverlets are? With 6 different sets to choose from, you’ll definitely find something to match your babes room!

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 8.09.57 PM

Here’s a quick video showing just how simple it is to set up your device and pair it with your Hatch Baby app.

I have never been happier to report, I woke up at 7:45am last night (our first night using the Rest+ with Monroe) to the sound of gentle singing. I walked out of my room and while she had cracked her door, she was laying in bed waiting patiently for her Rest+ to turn blue so she could leave her room. I was so proud of her. Night one and she was such a good listener and followed every new rule. This thing has seriously changed the game for us.

We LOVE our new Hatch Baby Rest+

Have a new baby on the way? Have a toddler or child that’s struggling with routines? I promise you the Hatch Baby Rest+ will not disappoint.

Shop the Hatch Baby Rest and Rest+



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