Give Me My Hair Back

If you’ve been around a while, you know the journey I’ve had with my hair. My junior year of college, I was in a musical that required me to be a blonde. This meant going from box black color to bright platinum blonde. You can only imagine how damaged that transition left my hair and it’s never been the same.

After having Monroe, I heard the horror stories of postpartum hair loss but got lucky and didn’t experience any of it. Mikaela, on the other hand, is proving to be my difficult child with just about everything. It’s now been over a year since her birth and I’m still losing large amounts of hair. I take such good care of my hair now and only use the best of the best. It’s disheartening knowing how, when I didn’t even care, my hair was thick and beautiful and now, while healthy, it’s just so thin.

I’d heard about “thickening shampoos” through a friend, but until recently hadn’t really looked further into it. I found R&Co on Instagram and started scrolling through their products. I saw they had an entire thickening line from shampoo and conditioner to even a thickening spray. When I posted about the line on my Instagram stories, it got major bonus points when a hairdresser friend of mine commented on how great the thickening spray is. It was an add to cart moment.


I’ve been using the R&Co. “Dallas” thickening line for a little less than a month now and I’m not sure I’ll ever use anything else. While I’m definitely still losing hair, it feels thicker than it’s been in a long time and it’s growing like crazy.

Thickening Line Ingredients

Biotin, improves the keratin infrastructure of hair. Increases hair strength and vitality.

Pro Vitamin B5, penetrates hair and provides intense hydration. Coats strands and adds a natural sheen.

Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, adds body to hair, helping it to appear thicker.

Coconut Oil, helps to strengthen and condition hair. Promotes scalp health. Adds luster, shine and softness to the hair and prevents hair breakage and split ends.

Loquat Fruit Extract, packed with vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help maintain a full mane.

Same curls…new volume





While thinning hair might not be your problem, lucky for you, R&Co. has products to address so many different hair concerns. From dry hair, to curls, oily, to color treated; R&Co. has something for you. Try them out and let me know what you think.

Aside from the thickening line, R&Co. has the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used in my entire life. It leaves ZERO white residue in my dark hair and a little goes along way combatting oil. I started out with the travel size just to give it a try, but can’t wait to go back and grab the full size…it’s just that good. Huge bonus points that they have FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!!!!!

What are some of your hair concerns? I guarantee R&Co. has a line for you!



*these products were gifted to me from R&Co. but all opinions are my own.


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