Smile Brilliant

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”

If you’ve been around a while, you probably know the journey I’ve had with my teeth. Honestly, my teeth are probably the most expensive thing I own. On top of having braces twice, I’ve also had permanent retainers and more dental work done in the past 10 years than any one person should have in an entire lifetime. Thanks to my braces, my smile is near perfect but as a mom of two under four you can only imagine how much coffee I drink on the daily. Because of this constant coffee consumption, my teeth are staining and I’m so insecure about it. I have tried many teeth whitening systems over the years and have either experienced unbearable sensitivity or the system didn’t even work.

Enter Smile Brilliant.

Smile Brilliant not only brings professional grade teeth whitening to your front door, it does so at a fraction of the cost AND they have a desensitizing gel to take care of my sensitivity. I was completely sold.

Their shipping is insanely fast and before I knew it, my kit was on my doorstep. After creating my own impressions at home, less than a week later I had my custom trays and was ready to begin whitening.


Y’all, this system is so easy you can do it from anywhere. With my crazy mom life, its so easy to pop my trays in and whiten why I chase the kids around or even take a dip in the pool.

I’ve been using my Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit once a day for over a week and can already tell a difference in my smile.


Because I love this system so much, I want to give one of you a chance to win one for free!! CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Don’t like free things? Use code JENAMORGAN15 for 15% off your teeth whitening kit.

Check out these 10 FACTS ABOUT TEETH WHITENING to learn more!



Tooth Whitening Gel


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