Summer Essentials: Mama Edition

With summer of 2019 officially upon us, I wanted to compile a list of some things this mama couldn’t live without during these hot summer months.

A Water Table

Living in northern Virginia EVERYTHING is expensive, including your local pool membership. Not to mention our nearest pool is a hefty drive away so the expense just isn’t worth it for us. While we occasionally get invited for a swim with friends, our water table has been a lifesaver. Throwing on our bathing suits for some water fun has been such a great treat for the girls.

Shop our favorite water table HERE!

Baby Powder


Planning a trip to the beach this summer? Take baby powder! Okay, hear me out. This is my all time favorite beach hack and I need the entire world to know. We all love the beach, but let’s be honest…we all hate the sand. What if I told you sprinkling some baby powder on your sandy legs will take all the sand off? Just try it, I promise it will change your life. It completely unsticks the sand and just makes it easy to dust it right off. It’s a complete beach game changer.

Sidewalk Chalk

A bucket of chalk and a sidewalk is all you need for hours of fun. I will often run out and create an “obstacle course,” so to speak, for Monroe to complete. She will zigzag, jump from circle to circle, walk backwards, tiptoe across the line and more, coming up with creative ways to complete my course. She’s even grabbed the chalk and created her own obstacles before. Its become a favorite activity for her and I love that I can keep her occupied outside for a while.

A Bubble Machine


I swear Monroe would play in the bubbles all day if I would let her. Bubbles are her favorite thing and I love having the machine blow them for me. It literally fills our entire backyard up with bubbles and she will dance and play with them until there are no more.

Grab one for your littles HERE!

Crocs (for the whole fam)


Laugh at me all you want, but my white Crocs have been my favorite purchase of the summer. Not only are they the perfect house shoes, they’re easy to slip on to run to the mailbox and perfect for a family trip to the pool. I am clearly obsessed. Get some before you judge me. Promise you won’t regret it!

Matching Swim Suits


Have you ever seen anything cuter in your entire life? I cannot get over how perfect these Yaffi Fashion suits are. They’re such great quality for the best price. They’ve got tons of different patterns and styles to choose from, matching suits for your sons and even for dad! I am obsessed, just be sure to read reviews and the sizing charts. This one was true to size for me, a size medium, but the other one ran a little smaller on the adult sizes and I got a large.

Shop the yellow floral suits pictured HERE!

Shop the navy sunflower suits HERE!


What are some of your mama must haves for the summer?




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