Going All Natural

Let’s get a little personal today, shall we? …let’s talk about armpits. For as long as I’ve been shaving my armpits, they’ve been so bumpy. No matter what I’ve done they’ve always been bumpy and that’s always been such an insecurity of mine. As dumb as it sounds, when I watch shows like Americas Next Top Model, I literally sit there and envy their smooth armpits. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, she’s a great model…..but did you see how smooth her armpits were?” No? Just me? Okay, cool. Seriously though, I’ve always longed for those smooth armpits but couldn’t figure out how to get them…until now.

I’ve been wanting to make the switch to a natural deodorant for the longest time but didn’t know where to even begin. I felt like my “normal” deodorant was clogging up my pores and causing these bumps so if I made the switch maybe the bumps would go away. I’ve read about the “detox” period, how you’re going to stink, it’s going to break you out, etc. I was almost turned off to the whole idea of switching because of all of the horror stories. My mom has always worn natural deodorant. In fact, I can’t even remember a time she’s ever used a “normal” one. She’s always taken a more homeopathic approach to life and it really shows. She’s in her 60s walking around looking like she’s 40. #goals right? Anyway, I called her to see what she used and she told me Toms so I went and got some. Y’all, that did NOTHING for me. It didn’t help the sweat on days I worked and it definitely didn’t help the stink so it went right in the trash can. Sorry mom, Toms isn’t for me.

I asked some friends that made the switch and the top 2 picks were Schmidt’s and Native. I made my way to Target…because what mom doesn’t love a good Target run…to grab Schmidt’s. It was a bit cheaper and I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping. I’m just going to be honest, if I have to pay shipping for something, I’m probably not going to buy it. I got the lavender scent and started using it that night. My first impression of the product was pleasant but quickly became painful. It smelled great but the deodorant itself is so rough. Even after letting it warm up a bit before applying, it was so rough and almost painful to put on. Worst of all, I woke up the next morning to the most painful bumps all over my armpit area. As usual, I turned to my Instagram babes for advice. Some said it was normal for my body to detox in that way, others said to discontinue immediately. I decided to give it a few more days but the breakout only got worse and more painful. I stopped using it and gave my arm pits a much needed break cleansing with my Tres Leches system every night and slathering them with Milk moisturizer every chance I got. Luckily, after a few days it all cleared up. I contacted the company and they told me I might just be having an reaction to the scent and were so sweet to send me an unscented version. While this one (obviously) didn’t smell nice like the other, it easily glided under my arms without the roughness the last one had. While, thankfully, this time I didn’t have a major break out, I just feel like it worked well. Even after almost a month of use, I just didn’t feel like it was getting the job done as well as it should be. I continued to use it as to not re-introduce normal deodorant back into my routine but I just wasn’t satisfied with my results.

About that time, I heard the announcement that Native was partnering with Target to offer their products in store. I kid you not, I stalked my local Target stores for 2 weeks until they finally had Native products in stock. After much debate in the deodorant aisle, I decided on the coconut + vanilla scent and began use that day. It smelled amazing (as did most of their scent options) and gilded under my arms so smoothly. I was nervous about another break out but woke up just as smooth the next morning. A few days past and still no breakout. I determined I was in the clear there, but was the deodorant working? As a stay at home mom the most activity I get in a day are chasing the kids around the house and those frequent Target runs, so for day to day it seemed to be perfect. The true test was going to be Thursday nights when I teach dance. I am so happy to report that after almost 4 hours of working out and dancing with my girls, my sweat was under control and there was zero odor.

I have been using Native deodorant for almost 3 months now and I still absolutely love it. The best part, for the first time ever MY ARMPITS ARE SMOOTH! Y’all, making this switch to natural deodorant was not only necessary for my health but it cleaned up my pores and took all that texture away. Something I’ve been so insecure about for so long is finally gone and I couldn’t be happier.


One thought on “Going All Natural

  1. I am so glad you tried different brands and found one right for you! I am so thankful I made the switch about 4 years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I started using native (after finding it at Walmart!) that I REALLY love natural deodorant! I haven’t ran out and it withstands the humidity and heat, chasing my kids, all the things! It is amazing plus it smells good too! My girls even love to have me put some on them at times! 😍


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