Let’s Talk About That Time of the Month…

Alright friends, if we weren’t already best friends…we’re about to become bffs with this post because things are about to get personal. Today, we’re talking about none other than that time of the month.

Here is your fair warning to stop reading if period talk makes you uncomfortable.

Still here? Thanks for sticking it out with me. Here goes…

A little back story for those that are new here. Monroe was a birth control baby. Like a timer on my phone, taking the pill religiously and still got pregnant baby. I was a part of that 1% and while we were so shocked at getting pregnant only 5 months into marriage, Monroe was and still is the very best surprise we’ve ever received. God’s plans are ALWAYS better than the ones we have for ourselves, but with that being said NEVER tell God those plans because in my experience, He will ALWAYS throw you a curveball.

At my first appointment after finding out I was pregnant with Monroe, my doctor told me through laughter that we’d obviously have to find another form of birth control after she was born. Well DUH! 9 months later, the most beautiful baby girl was born and our lives were changed forever. After my first period postpartum, I went back to the doctor to discus the birth control situation. After some discussion and a bit of research on my own, we decided on the Nexplanon arm implant. It worked for 3 years and I didn’t have to take anything. I went back a few weeks later and had it put into my arm. Y’all, that arm implant was possibly the worst decision of my life. Again, I was a part of that small percentage on women that had an almost 24/7 cycle. I would get about 3 days of relief each month that I wasn’t bleeding, it was BRUTAL! I was exhausted from dealing with the constant bleeding on top of my new baby. I gave it 6 months for my body to adjust before I let it upset me, after all my body has just gone through such a change having a baby on top of getting the implant. 6 months had come and gone and I was still not getting more than 3 days off from my cycle. It was terrible. I was going through Costco sized boxes of tampons every 2 weeks and that is pricy, y’all. I knew I had to do something but didn’t think there were any other options besides tampons or pads.

I was in the grocery store one afternoon (yes, the grocery store. HA.) and I walked down the feminine hygiene aisle. On the very bottom shelf there it was, the Diva Cup. I literally sat down in the aisle and did a google search…what the heck is a diva cup? It was almost $40 but that was about what I was spending on tampons each month anyway so why not give it a try. One day in and I was hooked. It was so comfortable and no leaks. I thought emptying it would be awful or awkward but it wasn’t either. It was a total win! If I was going to bleed this much, I might as well save some money right? And tampons were always slightly uncomfortable for me so this was a complete win.

A little over a year and a half went by and it was finally time to get the implant out of my arm because it was time to start trying for baby #2. I was so relieved. My cycle instantly went back to normal, but the cup was still my go to gal during that time of the month. Flash forward to May 2018 after our second daughter was born. Obviously your body changes in every way possible after having a baby, but something changed and the Diva Cup was no longer the best option for my body. I haven’t had a single cycle where my cup didn’t leak since having her. I think my cervix sits lower now and it’s just not working out for me anymore.

If you’ve asked me about using menstrual cups in the past, I have most likely referred you to the PutACupInIt quiz, you can take the quiz HERE. After taking the quiz myself, the Saalt Cup was the recommended cup for me. Not only was it cheaper than my first, it’s available at Target AND they have a pink cup. Call me crazy but everything is better when it’s pink.

I’m happy to report that I’ve had zero leaks with the Saalt cup. The quiz was right and it is the perfect fit for my body. Actually, they Saalt cup is one of the most common results of the quiz so pretty sure it’ll work for you too.


I talked about the cup on my Instagram a few weeks ago and asked if you had any questions about it. Here I am to answer those questions:

Q: How and WHERE do you clean it?

A: There were A LOT of this question. It’s seriously not as bad as I know you’re thinking. It only needs to be emptied every 12 or so hours, depending on your cycle. If I know I’m going to be out of the house for a while, I empty it before I leave the house. That way I’m never stuck out in public when it’s time to empty. I just take it out, rise with hot water and re-insert.

Q: You can’t feel it right?

A: NOT AT ALL!!! If you can feel it, it’s in wrong and you’ll know it. To me, it’s 100x more comfortable than a tampon. Give it a try!!!!

Q: Is it easy to use? Seems more of a hassle than convenience.

A: YES!!! It took about 2 tries to get the hang of it but it’s so much more convenient than tampons. Not only do I not have to carry around tampons in my bag, it’s so much safer than tampons. The cups are medical grade silicone and don’t harbor bacteria in there like tampons do, greatly reducing your chances of toxic shock syndrome.

Q: How much is it?

A: They range from about $30-40 depending on the cup.

Q: How often do you change the cup each cycle?

A: It completely depends on your own body and your cycle. Mine isn’t super heavy so I can usually get by with every 10-12 hours.

Q: I’ve always been so confused…where do they go?

Exactly where you think. You basically fold it in half, insert it and let it open up. As weird as it sounds, there are videos and step by step guides on the Saalt website. I promise it’s not as hard as it seems though. You’ll know if it’s in wrong. I’d suggest wearing a pad or liner your first cycle using the cup until you get the hang of it.


Have you tried the cup? Which one is your favorite?



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