Sooooooo…if you didn’t already know, I love the Kardashians. Judge me all you want, don’t care, Keeping Up is one of my tv guilty pleasures and while I don’t always agree with their decisions, I really do love them. Khloe and Kylie are my favorites and if they recommend something I’ve most likely tried it or have it. I love everything Kylie Cosmetics and Khloe’s collaboration with Diff for her KoKo frames are some of my favorites.

When Khloe took to her Instagram stories back in September to rave about a new booty cream product, B-Tight, the internet broke. B-Tight almost immediately sold out online and everyone was loving it. It’s back online now and…YA GIRL GOT HER HANDS ON IT!!

I’ve been using the Maëlys B-Tight booty cream twice a day for 2 weeks now and I can already see visible changes. The Maëlys team told me after about month I’d REALLY start to notice a difference, it’s not a #1 best seller at Sephora for no reason! Reduced appearance of cellulite in my thighs and booty definition without the squats? Count me in, sister! While I’m not totally comfortable showing you a before and after…sorry.

I will tell you though, that out of almost 1,000 reviews on their website, they have a 4.6 star review! Pretty near perfect! While it is on the more high-end as far as price, you get a good amount of product and it’s going to last you a while. Cheaper than a gym membership, right? HAHA.

You can shop Maëlys B-Tight cream at Sephora HERE


Shop directly from the Maëlys website HERE and use code JENA10 for 10% off your purchase.


Even more exciting news…Maëlys is releasing a NEW product in the next few weeks. It’s called Flirt and its a lip plumping kit. It comes with a lip scrub and lip plumper and I LOVE IT. I’ve been using it every day before I put on my makeup and my lips are so much softer and have less cracks and wrinkles. While I love matte lipstick, it has always looked odd on my lips just because the amount of lip wrinkles I have. Flirt has changed the game for me. It’s by far the best lip scrub and plumper I’ve ever used and, trust me, I’ve used a lot. I will let you know on Instagram the second it launches so you can snag it up for 10% off.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these products.




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