What You ACTUALLY Need In Your Hospital Bag

I seriously have probably 15-20 friends currently expecting their first child and a large number of those friends have asked me what they really need to pack in their hospital bag. After having 2 kids and packing 2 hospital bags, I’m basically an expert now…right?

Top 10 items to pack in your hospital bag for YOU:

  1. ADULT DIAPERS!!! Laugh all you want but this is my biggest and best piece of new mama hospital advise. If you’ve asked me what to bring you know the first thing out of my mouth was “diapers for YOU!” Those after baby pads are HUGE and the mesh underwear they give you are the literal worst. Adult diapers are not only comfortable, but I guarantee they’ll make you feel cleaner and more human.
  2. On the same general subject, having a baby is one of the most beautiful times in your life but your time is the hospital will make you feel the least normal. Get a comfortable but pretty robe. I promise you, changing out of that hospital gown will help you feel so much better. I got a gown with Monroe, but preferred the robe I got for Mikaela’s birth better. The robe will also have easier access if you choose to breastfeed.
  3. Your pillow!!! Trust me on this, hospital pillows suck! I’d also recommend bringing your pregnancy pillow if you have one.
  4. Makeup. Makeup makes me feel human so it was definitely in my hospital bag. We took a ton of pictures in the hospital and had our fare share of visitors, so having even just a little bit of makeup on helped me feel more comfortable.
  5. Cozy socks and some slippers. Hospital socks are the worst but you’ll want something to keep your feet nice and warm while you’re laying in the bed with your newborn. And comfortable slippers are a must for walking around your room or hospital halls.
  6. An iPad or computer with Netflix or Hulu. If you’ve ever had a stay in the hospital, you know theres NEVER anything good on the tv. Sometimes you can hit it at just the right time to catch the Price is Right or Jeopardy but usually, you’re stuck with the weather channel. We brought the iPad and binge watched Lost In Space on Netflix after Mikaela was born.
  7. Travel toiletries. I went to Target and bought travel everything so my bags could be completely packed and ready to just be picked up in a possible hurry. Don’t forget a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, chapstick, lotion, dry shampoo (or real shampoo and conditioner if, unlike me, you wash your hair often. HA), hair brush, hair twisties and face wash or face wipes.
  8. These may seem like a no brainers but you’d be surprised. Don’t forget your phone, an extra long phone charger and photo ID!!! Oh, and you’ll need a check…yes, a check…to pay for your newborns birth certificate.
  9. A Polaroid camera. So this is something actually I didn’t bring with me but a ton of my new mama friends brought one and loved having it. Those instant photos will be some of the sweetest to look at as your baby grows and will be easy to pop into a “memories book” once you’re home.
  10. A comfortable going home outfit and sports bra/nursing bra. After delivery, your body won’t just magically go back to normal. You stomach will still be inflated and your boobs will look better than they ever have. After both of my kids, I left the hospital in my favorite yoga pants, an oversized tank and some sort of cardigan. I didn’t breastfeed either of my kids so I just brought a comfortable sports bra to wear home.

Top 5 items to pack in your hospital bag for your BABY:

  1. A cute going home outfit. You know you’ll be taking a million “going home” pictures so make sure your baby is dressed for the mom-arazzi. And don’t forget to take the current season into account. Having a baby in the middle of June? Although the baby won’t be outside long, it’ll get hot fast so put your newborn in something shirtsleeves or sleeveless. Baby due in the dead of winter? Bring something long sleeves and a warm carseat blanket.
  2. Swaddle blankets. Yes, the hospital provides them but if you have cute ones, bring them for pictures!!
  3. A car seat. You might be thinking “DUH JENA!!!” but a healthy reminder doesn’t hurt. Don’t bring it in the hospital until the morning you’re going home though. Hospital rooms are generally small so you’ll want any extra room to not be taken up by a carseat.
  4. Baby SOCKS. Okay you might not necessarily need these if your baby is due in the summer/spring, but Monroe was born in September and it was chilly when we left the hospital. I thought I had remembered everything and that our house was fully stocked with newborn items…BUT I DIDN’T HAVE A SINGLE PAIR OF NEWBORN SOCKS. I literally made David stop at Target (after Chick-Fil-A of course cause…priorities) and run inside and grab a few packs of newborn socks.
  5. A few sleepers and/or onesies. The hospital will provide little shirts/onesies for your sweet new baby, but I loved dressing my girls up in the tiny little sleepers and onesies in the hospital. There only in that newborn size for such a short period of time, I love getting as much use as I could out of the cute tiny clothes.

What to pack in your hospital bag for your BABY DADDY:

Depending on how close you live to your hospital will depend on what your baby daddy will need to pack. We live relatively close so David went home to shower each night and let our puppies out. While he wasn’t showering at the hospital, he did sleep there so all he really needed was his pillow, a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, pjs, hairbrush, a few t-shirts, some pants, socks and comfy shoes/slippers (David loves THESE house shoes).

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on this new stage of your life. Your sweet new baby will turn your world upside down in the very best way possible. You only think you know love before you have your first child. The second that baby comes into the world, your heart will grow times a million. I pray that these last few days/weeks/months of your pregnancy go by quickly and that you have an easy and safe delivery. ❤

What’s some of your MUST HAVE items for your hospital bag?



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