Hair Loss 101

After I had Monroe, I was quickly warned about postpartum hair loss. While I didn’t experience it then, we’re almost a year out of the womb with Mikaela and I’m still shedding hair like crazy. Some baby hairs around my face are finally starting to grow in, but right now it looks like I tried and failed at some DIY bangs. It’s bad, y’all!

I turned to Instagram for advice. I got some great tips, some of which I already do and others I will begin and pray they help! A lot of you asked for me to share the love so I thought I’d compile all of the tips into one post!

-Take biotin or some form of hair, skin and nails vitamin
-Don’t use heat often
-Vitamin E
-Stay hydrated
-Use a hair mask
-Get a Brazilian blowout

A few let me know that their postpartum hair loss lasted well over a year for them, one mama said it took her hair 15 months to get back to normal. Another brought up that it could be stress related and another said for her personally, hair loss was related to thyroid issues. All of these are valid points and could very well be the cause.

Click the image below to add it to your Pinterest board.

Have any other tips and tricks for hair growth? Let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to add them to this list!


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