70s Makeup

Last week, I got together with my blogger bestie Rheanna, from Cammo Style Love, to do some fun decades makeup. We went live on Instagram to showcase these tutorials, I did a 70s look and Rhe did a 50s look. It was so fun to do a little research on past makeup trends and try and recreate those looks.

Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about those 70s makeup trends and show you my inspiration and the look I came up with.

Inspiration Photos

Trend #1: BOLD MASCARA, especially bottom lashes

They CAKED on the mascara in the 70s. You might remember the super iconic image of Twiggy where you can prominently see every single eyelash on her lower lash line. I used L’oreal Lash Paradise lash primer and mascara to obtain this bold mascara look.


Pastel eyeshadow was so in, specifically greens and blues. I chose to go with a wash of green from my jamescharlesXmorphe palette on my lid and more bold on my lower lash line to really help make the mascara pop.


White eyeliner on your waterline really helps to open up your eyes and make them pop and that is exactly what women of the 70s did. The more focus on the eyes the better.

Trend #4: NUDE LIP

While the eyes were bold, the lips were nude. Their lipstick of choice was usually a nude similar in shade to their own skin tone. I used my favorite, Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in the shade Loyalist to give me that nude look.


They liked a good natural dewy glow in the 70s which my Maskcara cream foundation was perfect for helping me achieve. While it hurt my heart to not be able to use my contour or illuminator, a mixture of Frenchie and Desert Sunset lip + cheeks created the most perfect coral blush for my 70s inspired look.

I had so much fun doing this decades makeup look and can’t wait to try out makeup trends from other decades and showcase them here for you all.

Have a decade or specific look you’d like me to attempt? Please send it to me!


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