Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water and Drops

Is it just me or do you just feel better about yourself when you’re tan? While I’ve been a culprit of the dangerous tanning bed and have gotten a few professional spray tans in the past, a tanning salon membership just isn’t in the budget right now. Aside from my favorite gradual tan lotion, I’ve NEVER used any sort of instant self-tanning product- mousse, oil, water, nothing.

Unless you’re living under a rock or never grace social media, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Isle of Paradise self tanning water. It is the hottest new self tanning product on the market. Not only do they have 3 different shades to choose from, they’re a completely clean company which is such a HUGE deal. Their products are cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, 100% vegan, organic, sulfate free and so much more. These next images are straight from the Isle of Paradise website:

While there was definitely a slight learning curve to the tanning water, I got it down by the second use. I feel like it’s so much easier to get the hang of than a mousse or oil. I also love that theres no bronzer in the water which means no color transfer to my clothes or sheets that first night. It doesn’t have much of a smell at first but I definitely smell like self tanner when I wake up the next morning.

The same goes for the drops, it’s so easy. The hardest part about the drops is trying to figure out how many drops to put in for the amount of tan you want. Just do not…I repeat DO NOT…use the drops more than once a day! HA! I used them the morning I got them and then without thinking, again that night. Y’all, I WAS LOOKING LIKE AN OOMPALOOMPA STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY! I do, however, use the drops a little more often (2-3x per week) because my nightly cleanser has lactic acid in it which actually helps remove self-tanner. If you’re not using the Tres Leches system or any products with lactic acid, you could probably get away with using the drops just once a week.

Here are some step by step instructions you can save to your phone or Pinterest board to refer back to later.

By the second use, I was a PRO at using these Isle of Paradise products and now I am completely hooked. If you’re in the market for a good self tanner, I definitely recommend these. They give me the most beautiful tan glow in these pasty winter months.



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