Let’s be honest, ya girl is HARD on her phone. Not only do I work from it most days, I drop it on the ground more times than I can count and one of my girls throws it down at least once a day. My screen gets cracked, the outside gets nicks and scratches and I clearly need protection. I kid you not, last year the day after babe got my screen fixed for my birthday, Monroe threw it on the ground and cracked it again… *insert eye roll here*

I love cute phone cases but needless to say, I need something STRONG. This is where CaseApp comes in.

Not only do they have a ‘tough case’ option, you can completely customize your phone case. They’re really well made and you can even chose a glossy or matte finish!

I am obsessed with both of the cases I got from them and can’t wait to get more. I have gotten so many compliments on both their beauty and their quality and I completely agree. I’ve continued to drop my phone daily and there are no visible signs of damage on the case or my phone! PRAISE! I’ve finally found the perfect phone cases!

CaseApp has given me a discount code to share with y’all. Use code JENAMORGAN20 to save 20% on your own custom phone case! (code valid until 2/28/19)


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