Walmart Wednesday

I have never been Walmart’s biggest fan and it has never been a place I chose to frequently shop, especially for clothes.

Moving from a small town in South Carolina to right outside of Washington DC, I expected everything to be bigger and better. For the most part, that is a true perception…but when it comes to Walmart, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Walmart’s in my area are not good. They’re tiny for the amount of merchandise they cary and they just aren’t laid out well. Most aisles are only wide enough to accommodate one cart at a time which makes it so difficult to find what you need.

While I dread the experience of a trip to Walmart, I’ve been making it an almost weekly activity. “WHY?” you might ask…their clothes. Y’all, Walmart has stepped up their game in the fashion department. Their quality has improved by leaps and bounds with the launch of their new Time and Tru brand. Not only are there some of the cutest finds, their clothes and shoes and super comfortable and relatively inexpensive. Recently, I feel like my whole closet has turned into a giant “Time and Tru by Walmart” ad. I’ve found everything from tennis shoes to sweaters, all under $20 and all staple pieces I wear weekly.

Today I wanted to prove it to you and show you some of my favorite finds.

Random Cuties:

-I am so obsessed with the style and fit of the cammo tennis shoes that I went back and got them in solid black. They have a memory foam insole and are so comfortable.
-The lacy baralettes and pom pom beanies speak for themselves. Both super cute and under $10
-I Am loving the jumpsuit and pj shorts. Both are the softest material and prices that just can’t be beat.
-Those earrings were my first amazing Walmart find. All for only $2/pair I couldn’t pass up the cute fringe and fun colors.
-The white top is so simple but the embroidery on the balloon sleeves are to die for. I just saw this same top in the clearance section of my Walmart for only $3, so if you need it…RUN!


These basics are to die for and all under $10. Ruffle sleeves, split hems, tie fronts, waffle knits…OH MY!

Cutest Button Ups:

Both of these button ups were under $15.


-They have the cutest chenille sweaters and both the olive green and black ones were only $10. That’s an insane deal for how well made they are.
-This sherpa pullover was a complete steal! I found it in the clearance section for only $5. ALWAYS CHECK THE CLEARANCE SECTIONS!
-I have so many open front sweaters from Walmart. They’re all $15 or under and are so cute. I have a few knit ones, including the one pictured, and even a black chenille one that I wear almost every single day. It is so cute styled with some jeans and a graphic tee.
-The next two, the striped ‘hello’ and grey jersey style, were both $12. They’re both fairly thin and perfect for these next few transition months ahead.
-Both the pink and mustard sweaters sit amongst my favorite sweaters of all time. The pink one was in clearance for only $3…NOT KIDDING!!!!! I could not pass that up. It’s oversized and the sleeves are laced down which is the cutest detail. The mustard sweater has the cutest back and is also oversized. I think this one was a little more expensive, ringing in at a whopping $12 but still a steal. Monroe’s dress and boots are also Walmart finds.

If you want to stay up to date on current Walmart finds, follow me on Instagram, @jenamorgan. Each week I do a #WalmartWednesday Insta story, featuring some new Walmart finds.

Shop some of my favorite Walmart finds HERE!
Do have any good Walmart finds? Share them with us in the comments!!


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