New Year, New Quote

Just like everyone else, I did the whole new years resolution thing for years. Lose weight, eat better, work out, stay organized, save money, travel, read more, get more sleep, etc. We all know the drill; we make these resolutions, keep up with them for 2-4 weeks, then cycle back into your old routines. It’s not that I don’t want to keep up with them, no, it’s actually the opposite. Like everyone who makes these resolutions, I WANT them to become my new normal, I WANT them to stick, but life just gets in the way far too easily. Kids, time, excuses; before January is even over these resolutions no longer exist.

I knew I still wanted some form of these new years resolutions, but clearly having a list wasn’t at all working out for me. Last year, I debated with the idea of having a word for the year but after waffling through some words, nothing really jumped out at me. Then I got the idea of a quote. What if I chose a quote that I wanted to live up to throughout the year? I did a quick Google search of “inspiring quotes” and didn’t get far before I read:

she believed she could, SO SHE DID!

I immediately stopped my scroll, that was it! “She believed she could, SO SHE DID!” I put it on the front of my planner, cut it out and pasted it on my vision board, I wrote it on sticky notes, said it out loud…anywhere this quote could be, I put it. When I struggled with doubting myself, I repeated it over and over in my head. Did it always work? Heck no, but overall I am so proud of myself and the person I’ve become this past year. I truly believed I lived up to my quote this year. I believed I could AND I DID!

This year has brought its fair share of ups and downs. I gained some amazing new friends, had to let go of some others, my small business is at an all time high, my bestie got engaged, we had some fun family vacations, I landed major Instagram and blog partnerships, my dancers and I performed a major halftime show, and the all time high of the year was bringing my second daughter into this world. 2018 was an AMAZING year and I cannot wait to experience all that God has planned for 2019.

Last years quote went so well, I knew I wanted to do it again. Before I even knew it, I was scrolling Instagram and stumbled upon what I knew had to be my 2019 mantra:

conquer from within

While last year focused on the outside, this year I really want to focus on the inside. I want to be the best wife, mom, friend, and ultimately the best ME I can be!

I pray that your 2018 was as rewarding as you’d hoped and that you make 2019 everything you hope it to be!

Do you do new years resolutions? A word? A quote? Tell me about your resolutions and why you chose them! Lets keep each other accountable this year and have the best year possible!


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