New Products & Sneak Peeks

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Maskcara Beauty’s annual conference. I was one of the lucky few that attended last year for our official launch (read all about that HERE) so I knew I had to be there again this year.

Not only did I get to be with my besties and Maskcara sisters for a whole weekend, I was able to snag some of our new products before anyone else AND be among the first to know about upcoming product launches.

New 3d Foundation Singles, Available Now – $14



You should’ve been in the room when they brought out the table and Cara began to announce new products. We were all so excited. I love that, as a company, we’re always growing and coming out with new products. Cara said multiple times over the weekend how much pride she takes in these products. They’re such high quality and nothing gets released until its absolutely perfect. She said that before a new product or shade is created she always asks herself and her team, “is this product already on the market? If yes, how can we make it better?” And that’s exactly what they do…make every single product on the market better. I don’t know how, but Cara and her team do it every time.

Highlight & Contour Singles


Linen Highlight

Linen is the most perfect brightening highlight that has ever existed. I’ve been wearing Moonlit to brighten but it’s such a cool tone and I am definitely warmer. Linen is AMAZING! It’s such a warm shade for being so light and I’m obsessed.


Astoria & Cola Contour

If you like Olive, you’ll love Astoria because it’s just a deeper darker Olive. It’s so creamy and blends so beautifully into your skin.

Cola is our new darkest contour meaning every beautiful skin tone can officially find a perfect contour match.

I didn’t get either contours but my sweet friend Bee swatched them for me to share with all of you.


Lip + Cheek Singles


Plum & Scarlet Lip + Cheek

Plum is my new go to gal. I haven’t gone a day without her since she went into my palette. She is the most beautiful dusty rose with some light hints of purple. If you own nothing else from this line, get you some Plum lip + cheek. I promise you won’t regret it.



Scarlet is the perfect warm red and unlike any other blush shade we have. It’s a true warm color and is the absolute perfect red lip color. They didn’t say anything about a formula change but something about this one makes its stay power insanely good.


Dream & Glow Illuminator


We all know illuminator is my favorite part, I want to shine bright like a diamond at all times. Naturally, these two launches reign supreme in my book. We have been asking for a pink iridescent illuminator for months and Maskcara delivered with Dream. It is the most beautiful subtle shade and I’m obsessed.

Glow is BEAUTIFUL…like insanely gorgeous. While too dark for me to use it as an actual illuminator, I’ve been using it to add some shimmery color to my eyes and overtop of my bronzer for a glowy look. So so soooo good.


New Compact Designs, Available Now – $12-$29


We’ve been waiting for new compact designs for months and all of that waiting was well worth it because these new patterns are gorgeous. 6 new marble patters and Ascent, which looks like a beautiful sunset landscape. Each of these patterns are available in all compact sizes and are all included with the free compact promotion.


Which new design is your favorite? I’m completely in love with the Fleur De Sel design.


EXCITING NEWS!!! All eyeshadows are on sale! Only $8


You guys, this is such a good deal and they’re going fast. All eyeshadow singles are only $8 for 2.5 whole grams of product. You cannot beat this deal!


New Products COMING SOON!

Maskcara is launching 24 brand new eyeshadow shades and 5 new powder illuminators. Y’all, this is a game changer. They’re a brand new formula that was just invented and they are sooooo luxurious. They won’t break as easily as other powders and the pigment is insane.


One of my favorite things about Maskcara as a brand is the products names, especially the eyeshadows and illuminators. We’ve already got shades like On Wednesdays, Bend and Snap, Emerald City, Dream, and Honey and these new shade names do not disappoint. #33, As If, Georgia, Photoshop, Glamazing, Goldie, Starlet, Bayou, As You Wish, Blondie, Dollywood, Filly, Ginger, Gigi, Foxy, Glass Slipper, Gold Digger, Graceland, Lala Land, Jr Prom, Ivy League, Leo, Peppa, Rigoletto, Tawanda, Soul Mate, Shenandoa, Unicorn, & You Complete Me will be available in the next few months.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of these shadows and powder illuminators in person.


What are your favorite new products? Which are you most excited about?



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