Travel Beauty Essentials

This week is a big one for me. We’ve been on family lake vacation for the past week and it has been the perfect fun and relaxing time that I think we all needed. Today, my fun in the sun is all over as I head to Salt Lake City for Maskcara Beauty‘s annual conference. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the girls weekend of the year where I get to reunite with all of my best friends but first and foremost, I am there for my business. I am there to soak up everything I can to grow in all aspects of my biz.

I thought today, I’d compile a list of travel beauty essentials for both a relaxing week at the lake or beach and for a business trip to the city.

Beauty essentials for the lake or beach

This trip is definitely a relaxing vacation and this travel beauty list definitely reflect that.

Beauty essentials for a business trip

This trip will definitely be fun, but calls for a more put together look each day.

  • 3d foundation– for this trip, I’ll be equipped with my entire artist palette. It’s 3 levels hold all of my precious singles. Every shade of foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer is organized to perfection and packed away ready for my trip. Best part? My entire palette is TSA approved so I don’t have to worry about consolidating for my trip. It’s also super compact, so aside from my brushes, all of my makeup is in one palette.
  • All of my Maskcara brushes. Never know what I might need.
  • My hair will need to be more put together for this trip and no better tool to tame it than my Knock Out Wand. I have my 32mm barrel set and ready to keep my curls perfect all weekend.
  • Xoxo,

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