The Day I’ve Always Dreamed Of

Mom says I’ve been dancing since she was pregnant with me, so naturally she signed me up for dance lessons the day I turned 2 and I still dance to this day. I’ve been trained by some of the best of the best in every style and have been on countless competition teams; winning awards, trophies, medals, scholarships, and nationals all over the east coast. Having my daughters follow in my dancing footsteps is every dream I’ve ever had. I began teaching dance classes when I was 13 years old and continue to teach to this day.


Following in her mommy’s footsteps, Monroe has been dancing since I was pregnant with her. She was constantly moving in my tummy and to this day, nothing has changed. She’s almost 3 now and is constantly dancing around, tumbling, and twirling.

Two weeks ago, she not only took her first formal dance class, but she also got her very first pair of ballet shoes. Y’all, I was in tears as I fit her tiny little feet into her first pair!!!! I can’t believe my 7lb 15oz tiny little baby is old enough to start dance class. I’m not sure my heart was ready for all this but Monroe definitely is, she was just as excited as I was to get into her first class.

It was princess ballet camp, so on the final day we dressed all of the dancers up (even the teen assistants) with costumes and princess makeup for their royal performance. Monroe looked so grown up and again I, again, was in tears. My baby is growing up right before my eyes and while it breaks my heart, I cannot wait to see the countless new things she learns each day.


She asks to wear her ballet shoes every single day and will begin regular weekly classes in the fall. I am already excited to get her into those weekly classes and see all that she will learn this year.

If you’re in the DC/NOVA area and are looking for a dance studio for your little, I’d love for you to check out International Dance. There are classes for all ages, including adults, and in all styles. Oh, and I’ve heard their lyrical teacher is pretty amazing…spoiler alert, it’s me. (;



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