Summer Makeup Routine

Usually I am a FULL COVERAGE kind of girl, but not this summer. This summer, I’ve been so drawn to the light coverage, bronzy, dewy, illuminated goddess look. I don’t think I’ve had a single “glamazon” day and I’m not sure I’ll even stop this look once summer is over. Not only is it so simple to achieve with minimal products, it takes no time to do and looks absolutely beautiful.


One of my favorite things about my Maskcara 3d foundation, is that I can choose my coverage without having to use other products or buying a new foundation. It’s a cream based product which makes it completely buildable for what I want each day. I finally got some sort of a (fake) tan this summer and was able to shade up in my highlight shade. Where I was White Peach, I am now Wheat and that is a beautiful thing. While I was still able to get a beautiful finish using White Peach, my now Wheat skin just SCREAMS summer!

I start every makeup look with a fresh clean face then spray some of my favorite setting spray on as my base. It’s five whole ounces of product, smells like a tropical vacation, and it’s SPF 30 making it the perfect summer spray.

Next I go in with my highlight and contour. Like I mentioned above, I did shade up to Wheat and sometimes pop some Mango in there for my highlight and for contour I’ve been so drawn to the warmth of Stone. It’s just the perfect warm contour shade for my skin tone. For blush I’ve been doing a few different combinations, but my favorite has been Desert Sunset. It’s more of a gloss cream rather than matte, giving the perfect dewy glow to my cheeks. My girl Bella Bronzer comes in right where I need her every time literally making me look like a bronzed goddess every day of my life. If you don’t know Bella…trust me when I say YOU NEED TO!!! Bonus; she’s only $14! What a steal! Illuminator, as you probably know, is my favorite step and I pretty much bathe in Honey every day. My Honey illuminator gets piled onto the tops of my cheekbones, nose, brow bones, cupids bow, collarbones, and shoulders if I’m wearing a top that they’ll show. I love making Honey pop a little more by adding my favorite pressed powder illuminator, Glow Up by Kylie Cosmetics, on top. It’s currently sold out, but her Kylighter Banana Split is super similar and is only $22.

Glam or natural, I’ve GOT to fill in my brows and you guys, my cream eyebrow tin is a perfect doup of Anastasia’s eyebrow pomade. The shade is so perfect, lasts all day, and will save you a few dollars.

Shop all the things:

Highlight Singles ($14)

Contour Singles ($14)

Desert Sunset Blush ($14)

Bella Bronzer ($14)

Honey Illuminator ($14)

Banana Split Kylighter ($22)

Brow Brush ($22)

Cream Eyebrow Single ($14)

For my eyes, I’ve been going with more natural colors most day. Recently, my go to look has been a combination of Cupcake, Bird, Basic and Crush. These shades are so beautiful together and the perfect combo for my go to summer look. To finish this eye look, I pop on some mascara on my top and lower lashes.


Shop eye products here:

Eyeshadows ($14)

Double Sided Eyeshadow Brush ($18)

Mascara ($10)






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