My Favorite Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are all the rage this summer and as much as I love them, I have trouble finding ones that are long enough for me. Honestly, at 5’9″ I have trouble finding ANYTHING long enough for me. Shoutout to all my long legged girls…I know the struggle all too well.


When this jumpsuit popped up on my Instagram feed, it instantly had my attention. It was from one of my all time favorite boutiques, Emmer & Oat, so I immediately went to their site to see the specs. It was a close call on length, but I settled for the medium and prayed it would be long enough for me.

I tried it on the second it hit my doorstep and guess what? IT WAS LONG ENOUGH!!!!! I was so excited. And not only was is long enough, it fits so well in all the right places and it perfectly tucks in all my “new mom bod” insecurities. This jumpsuit is the ultimate winner!!!!

I wish more clothing companies would make longer pieces for us tall babes; or at least give us a ‘long’ option for the same pieces. It’s easy to have something hemmed but if something is too short, we’re completely out of luck.



This jumpsuit is currently on sale on the Emmer & Oat website. Go get one before they’re gone; and be sure to check out all their other cute items while you’re there!!!



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