2.0 Straightening Brush

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You know when you see something online and you say to yourself, “there is NO WAY that’s going to work?” Well thats exactly what I thought when I first saw a straightening brush. Still I found myself wanting to try it.

When I found Head Kandy, I watched countless videos and read so many reviews on their 2.0 straightening brush before jumping in. Every video and every review I found were positive. Could this straightening brush really work? I had to try it for myself.


We all know my obsession with cute packaging, so you know I flipped when I opened this beautiful box. From the gold foiling on the front and inside to the cute pattern and high quality box, everything is just perfect.

When I used this straightening brush for the first time, I swear my jaw was on the ground. To my surprise, it worked SO WELL! One pass through my hair and it was completely straight with absolutely no frizz. My hair was a frizzy hot mess and in just 6 minutes, it was completely straight. I WAS HOOKED!!!


So how does it work? You want to be sure to thoroughly brush through your hair first. While it looks like a brush, you have to remember that it is an appliance. Once your hair is tangle free, separate your hair into sections. Pull out your hair and keep some tension on it, take your straightening brush to the underside of your hair and brush down toward your ends. Continue this until all of your hair is straight. Once it’s all straightened, you can brush through it as you would a traditional brush to tame that last little bit of frizz and finish off your straightened look.

Just in case you’re still not convinced that you need one, let me tell you some my favorite features.

  • This bad boy heats up to it’s highest setting of 450 degrees in just ONE MINUTE!
  • The bristles are tourmaline infused ceramic; this gives your hair non-damaging indirect heat and leaves it frizz free, shiny, and smooth. A traditional flat iron always leaves me with some frizz but the Head Kandy 2.0 straightening brush takes every single bit of frizz away, it’s a serious game changer.
  • While the brush is at the high temperature of 450 degrees, I can easily touch the bristles and even the back of the brush without burning myself. It is definitely warm, but not scalding hot. One of my biggest mama fears, is my sassy toddler somehow getting past me and getting ahold of my hot straightener. While I would still rather not have her touch the straightening brush, it eases my mama heart just a bit to know that she wouldn’t burn herself like she would on a ceramic flat iron plate.

I went live with Head Kandy yesterday to show how amazing the straightening brush really is. You can watch that live video HERE to see for yourself!

Have I convinced you? If so, you can get your own straightening brush HERE!

Have short hair? I recommend the Sidekick over the 2.0!

Oh and did’t I tell you that if you kept reading I’d give you a discount? Use code “Jena15” at checkout! This code is case sensitive, so be sure to capitalize the J.

Happy straightening!



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