Game Day Casual

Take me out to the ballgame!


Sports are not my thing. I don’t like to watch them and I don’t like to play them, mainly because I don’t understand them.

Baseball is the exception, I love baseball.

There’s something just so American about going to a baseball game. My love for baseball started when I was a teen. We went to visit my sister in Seattle and she took us to a Mariners game. I was hooked instantly. Now, I live just 15 minutes from Nationals park so any chance I get to go to a game, I take.



Recently, I’ve been LOVING keyhole tees and I cut them into my shirts all the time. It’s such a fun way to bring some new life to an old shirt and exactly what I did to this game day shirt. And of course I’m repin’ my favorite player, #34 Bryce Harper!


High-waisted anything are this new mama’s best friend and these shorts are my favorites. Simply tuck the front section of your shirt right behind the button. Comfy shorts and a ball cap are two must haves for hot game days.

Y’all, I am completely obsessed with these cute bow tennies. The blue stripes make them a perfect match for my red, white, and blue attire and they are so comfortable.





Ball cap


Shoes (mine are currently sold out but these are SUPER similar)



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