Summer Essentials

Happy first official day of summer!

I can’t believe June is almost over and summer has begun. It’s time for splashing in the pool, spending time with family, laying in the sun, and heading out on those fun vacations we’ve been planning all year.

I wanted to take today to share some of my staple summer products and brands with you. I’ve got you covered from makeup, to baiting suits, all they way down to your shoes. These items are my summer essentials for 2018!

Setting Spray

No matter how amazing your makeup looks, it’s no competition for the summer heat; especially if you’re in a place with high humidity. I won’t be going a single day without my setting spray and this “Stay Outside” from Maskcara is my favorite. This magic spray smells like a tropical vacation, it’s 5 whole ounces of product and has SPF 30 to keep my face safe from the sun which is huge bonus points for me.

How to Use: After applying your makeup, hold the bottle away from your face and spray in  an “x” motion. For oily skin, use before AND after your makeup application for maximum oil control.

Get “Stay Outside” HERE!

Lace Bralettes

Lace Bralettes are one of the hottest trends this summer and I am all over it. I got these racerback bralette’s from Felina in every single color. I don’t think I’ve worn anything else since. They’re so soft and insanely comfortable. I’m obsessed with them.

How to Wear: Pair a lace bralette with a loose tank or off the shoulder shirt, shorts, and sandals or wedges for a simple and relaxed summer look.

Get my favorite bralette’s HERE!

Sea Salt Texture Spray


I love a good texturizing spray and Not Your Mother’s has my all time favorite. I’ve tried over 10 different texture sprays and keep going back to this one. It is so perfect for getting that coveted beach wave look.

How to Use: Spray on damp hair and allow it to dry for an easy beachy look or spray into dried, freshly curled hair to loosen curls for a more ‘put together’ beach wave.

Get “Beach Babe” spray HERE!


I love a good bronzed goddess look, especially for summer. I would get lost in a snowstorm I’m so pale, but this cream bronzer gives me a beautiful bronzy glow without even walking into the tanning salon. I could just bathe in the beauty of this bronzer and because it’s cream, I can go subtle or crazy bronze depending on the day.

How to Use: Pick up bronzer onto a fluffy brush and buff onto your face anywhere the sun would naturally hit. Build it up until you have your desired look.

Get “Bella” bronzer HERE!

Get “Bella” bronzer and my favorite application brush HERE and save $10!

Bathing Suit

I am so self conscious about these pictures, so much so that I can’t believe I’m even posting them. I am amazed daily by the things my body can do. I mean, I grew and carried 2 babies in my body for 9 months…but let’s be honest, the mom-bod is so real. Just a few years ago, the words ‘cute’ and ‘one piece swimsuit’ didn’t even go together; stylish one pieces were almost nonexistent. Now, you can find them almost anywhere. They’ve made a come back and my mom-bod couldn’t be happier. I have a few cute ones, but my two favorites both come from a company called Raising Wild. Y’all already know how obsessed I am with Shark Tank. The sister’s behind Raising Wild were on the show and I was so drawn to their mission to give women stylish yet practical suits. Because who wants to chase their toddler around the water park in a baiting suit that all your bits and pieces are going to fall out of? Not me! Raising Wild’s suits keep everything in and don’t compromise the style. Not to mention the sister’s, Shelly and Kara, are the sweetest ever. I met them at a conference last year and their energy alone draws me to their brand even more. Oh, and did I mention they have matching mommy & me suits? Monroe and I have a set and get so many compliments whenever we wear them.

Browse “Raising Wild” HERE!

Summer Wedges

Last but not least, let’s talk shoes. Possibly the hottest summer trend this year are the Mark Fisher Espadrille wedges. I’m completely obsessed with them but for real…who has $150 to spend on one pair of shoes? I know this girl doesn’t. Do you know how much formula that could buy me? Anyway, I have been searching and searching for a cheaper doupe and finally found some that I love in a price range that I can afford. These are both comfortable and cute!

How to Wear: Pair espadrille wedges with a flowy summer dress romper, or even a more casual outfit with jean shorts. These shoes are so universal and can be styled so many ways for the perfect summer look.

Get your “Mark Fisher doupe” Espadrille’s HERE!

What is on your list of summer essentials this year?



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