Simple Spring Shadow

I love playing around with different eyeshadow looks, both bold and natural. Today I thought I’d show you a super simple spring eyeshadow look I threw together. The key to flawless eyeshadow is blending until your arm goes numb. Okay, so that might be a little dramatic, but you want to blend blend blend to get that seamless and effortless look.

We all know I love my Maskcara eyeshadows. The pigment is amazing, but my favorite part is being able to customize my palette with any shades I want. I threw the necessary shadows for this spring look into my clutch so I can carry them with me wherever I go.


I started with a base of Valencia in my crease. I used the fluffy end of my I Shadow Everything Brush (get one HERE) to blend the orangey shade back and forth like a windshield wiper into my crease. Once that was nice and blended, I picked up Mi Hija, a matte magenta, onto the same fluffy brush and packed it into my outer corner. After packing it down, I began buffing that shade out using tiny circular motions. Next, On Wednesdays (a shimmer pink shade appropriately named after my favorite movie, Mean Girls) got packed onto my lid with the small end of the same double sided eyeshadow brush. Finally, I used Sabrina in my inner corner and on my brow bone to open up my eyes and give them some added glow.


Y’all, this eye look is seriously so simple and uses only 4 shades! Interested in trying this look out for yourself? Get everything you need HERE!



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