First of all, I’m sorry for last weeks missing post, but lets be honest…I’m 9 months pregnant and and the end of this pregnancy is kicking my butt. My entire pregnancy with Monroe was a breeze, but baby sissy is already proving to be more difficult. I cannot wait for her to be here (for so many reasons…) and cannot wait to introduce her and share her name with all of you. Anyway, let’s get to why you’re really here…

After months and months of  back and forth, I finally signed up for a starter box with FabFitFun. It came in at the start of this week and I’m pretty sure I am officially hooked.

All of my closest girlfriends get FabFitFun and rave about their monthly boxes, but $50/month just seemed like such a high price. While I still think the price is hefty you do get all the bang for your buck. The products are on point, the brands are fantastic, it’s a seasonal box, they’re all FULL SIZED PRODUCTS and these boxes are valued at over $200!!! My $5 starter box alone is valued at over $100 and after this box, I would definitely say I’m hooked. So let’s get to it. Here’s what was in my starter box:


Doucce Luscious Lip Stain – $28


Okay, I am OBSESSED with this lip stain for so many reasons. Im typically not a lip stain girl, but this one is so good. It’s more like a matte lippie than a stain which I absolutely love. It applies so smoothly and isn’t drying at all. The rust color that came is my box is so beautiful and perfect for my skin tone. Recently, I have been so into glossy lips so I was really excited that this could potentially be a two step lippie making it either matte or glossy. I will say, its not extremely long lasting though. It wore off after about 2 hours without eating or drinking anything. But overall I love it and officially want one in every single shade they have!

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream – $24


When I first posted about my starter box in my beauty and style Facebook group (join HERE) so many people commented just raving about this hand cream. I have never in my entire life found a hand cream that I’m completely obsessed with. They all either make my hands feel sticky, oily, or just give really weird texture. Well not this one. It is honestly the best hand cream I’ve ever tried. It moisturizes my dry hands without any of the “side effects” I’ve experienced in the past and it doesn’t have a crazy overpowering scent so even my husband likes it.

Summer & Rose Delilah Crossbody – $62


OOOOOH Y’ALL!!!!! Y’all know I haven’t carried another purse or clutch, besides a diaper bag, since I got my Maskcara clutch almost a year ago (shop the clutch HERE)…well that all changed when this crossbody showed up on my doorstep. It is so cute and the perfect size to run out the door, I’ve been carrying it non-stop all week. In mine I have 2 diapers, a small pack of wipes, a Maskcara HAC pack and my favorite foundation brush, my phone, debit card, and license. The cutout pattern is so cute and I love the fringe style zipper. This bag is for sure my favorite thing in my starter box!

Marrakesh Hair Oil – $23


I’ve never really been a huge fan of hair oil. Even after trying dozens from various brands and companies, it’s just not something I’ve ever used consistently or even cared about. I’ve used this one twice since I got it and while I probably won’t be a religious user, this has to be my favorite that I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy at all and completely helped control the frizz. And oh my goodness does it smell amazing!!! If you’re in the market for a good hair oil, I’d definitely recommend this one.

I am so happy with my FabFitFun starter box and plan to continue with the seasonal subscription. It’s just so much value and is completely customized for each season. I love love love it!!

Want to try FabFitFun? Sign up HERE for $10 off your first box!



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