The Mother’s Day Bundle

My mom is my very best friend and has worked her whole life to make mine easier. She has given me the world and I want nothing more to shower her with all the love and gifts on Mother’s Day. But how do you take a lifetime of love and put that into one gift that’s not only beautiful but in budget? Well, I’ve got you covered with Maskcara’s Mother’s Day Bundle!


Not only does this special collection feature my favorite Bare lip + cheek and Santorini compact design, but it also includes our Stay Setting Spray with SPF 30 and a brand new product, Bella cream bronzer.

Ask any mama and she’ll tell you she loves to be pampered and feel beautiful. This collection is just the thing she needs, I promise. Bare lip + cheek is so subtly beautiful on any skin tone, the new Bella cream bronzer will give mom that beautiful sun kissed glow, and SPF Stay Spray will not only set her makeup but protect her skin from the sun as well. The best part? It won’t break the bank. This collection is only $50 and will ship straight to mom for free! This is the perfect deal for someone like me who lives hours away from home. You better believe a Mother’s Day Bundle will be showing up on my mom’s doorstep for Mother’s Day.

Click HERE to order a Mother’s Day Bundle for your mama, your mother in law, or even yourself!



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