Bridging My Favorite Worlds

When I started this blog over a year ago, I had no idea the path it would lead me down. Essentially, it all started because of my partnership with Maskcara Beauty so I knew it would always be beauty focused and the style portion just followed suit. As much as I love beauty and style, as I re-brand, I knew I had to bring motherhood into the mix. My kids are my entire world and are included in every other aspect of my social media world, so who would I be if I didn’t include them in my blogging journey as well.


This past weekend I was thrown the most beautiful baby shower by some of the best ladies in my life. Since moving to Northern Virginia, the Lord has blessed me with the most incredible women who have not only been mentors to me but close friends as well. Because we already have a daughter, we don’t need much this time around but these wonderful women insisted on showering me with love and gifts regardless. Y’all, the abundant outpouring of love I felt that day was so strong and much appreciated. I couldn’t ask for a better group of women to do life with. I mean, they even had a cereal bar for me…and if you know me AT ALL, you know that is a big deal. Anyway, today I wanted to showcase my favorite gift and the one thing I most wanted this time around.

Every first time mom knows just how stressful it is creating a registry. Yes, it is fun and exciting but who actually knows what they’ll need for their first child. Of course you’ll get thousands of opinions about what was great and what worked for everyone else, but until your newborn baby arrives, you just have no idea what you will actually need. There were things on our registry that we never actually had a need for and things that we tried and we hated. A diaper bag was one of those things. We actually went through 3 diaper bags and never truly fell in love with any of them.

The beautiful monogramed Vera Bradly diaper bag, while perfect now that Monroe is a toddler, was too small to carry around everything a newborn needs to go on an outing. The traditional, cute, teal and grey polka dot diaper bag worked great for a while but ended up falling a part after just a few months. The ugly Eddie Bauer bag that my husband wouldn’t be ashamed to carry worked alright but I never felt like it fully fit our needs. I knew now with two kids, a newborn and a toddler, I needed to have a bag that was not only huge and functional but I also wanted something that didn’t look like the traditional diaper bag.

I love the show Shark Tank and I remember back in season 5, a baby moccasin company called Freshly Picked appeared on the show. Their moccasin’s were so cute and while at the time I had no need for them, I loved their story and started following their company on their social channels. Fast forward to 2017, they announced the launch of a brand new diaper bag and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the bag I wanted when I had baby number two.


First of all, this diaper bag doesn’t look like a diaper bag but fully functions as one. With ten pockets and a huge center space, it’s the perfect bag for the two kid life I’m about to have. The interior is completely spill resistant and can easily be wiped clean of the milk or juice spills that are bound to happen and it even comes with a nylon changing pad. Possibly my favorite feature is it’s straps. This bag has a handle at the top for a quick on-the-go grab and longer straps in the back that can quickly be changed from a backpack, to a cross body, to an over the shoulder bag. IT IS EVERYTHING.

While it doesn’t come cheap, I fully believe it is worth it’s $175 price tag. And with Freshly Picked’s new “The Fringe” monthly membership program, you can save 20% on any of their products, including their diaper bag. Not only is this diaper bag functional, it is beautiful and so well made. And because it doesn’t look like your traditional diaper bag, I can continue to use it for years after I would stop using a traditional one.


So raise your Starbucks drinks, cause Lord knows mama needs it, and help me toast to new beginnings for Sweet Tea & Style. I’m so glad you’ve continued to join me on this journey.





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