Bye Bye Brass

You might remember when I went pink for the month of love. Well, I LOVED my pink and got so many compliments on it but I don’t love the brassy hair it left me with once it washed completely out. Y’all, my hair was yellow and it was not cute. I did the blonde balayage back in October and have been able to maintain it strictly through my purple shampoo routine (read post HERE), but not even my purple shampoo could kick this brass.


You can see, especially at the top, that my blonde was just no longer blending seamlessly into my natural dark brown roots. After using my purple shampoo trick for a few washes, I finally decided it was time to tone my hair. I ran to Sally’s Beauty Supply and picked up my Wella T18 toner and a small bottle of 10 vol. developer and headed home to kick this brass to the curb.


The toning process is literally fool proof you guys and so easily done at home. Not to mention, so much cheaper than going to the salon. Trust me, if I can do it…you can do it!


All you do is mix the toner and the developer at a 1:2 ratio and put it on your hair. I use the entire bottle of toner and half of a small bottle of developer. The best part is you don’t even have to be careful to only get it on the light portions of you hair. You can be messy and put it everywhere and it will do nothing to your dark roots. It will only tone the brass out. I usually let it sit for the max amount of time, 30 minutes, before washing it out, shampooing, and conditioning as normal.


The difference is INSANE! It’s the prettiest ashy blonde that blends almost seemlessly with my natural color. I’m obsessed. Best part? I only spent $8 and 30 minutes instead of potentially hundreds and hours at the salon. With baby #2 only a month away, we are all about saving money any way we can so this is there perfect solution. The textbook definition of having my cake and eating it too!






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