March Ipsy Bag

I’ve been contemplating for a few months now on canceling Ipsy and decided last month that I’d go ahead and save that $10 per month…or so I thought. Instead I’d just put it on ‘pause’ for a month and was back in the swing come March. Y’all, I am so glad I didn’t get last months because I don’t know a single person that liked their February bag. Even looking through the list of February’s possibilities, there was nothing that peeked my interest whatsoever. When I got the email that my March bag had shipped, I was a little irritated but after looking through what I’d be getting I quickly changed my mind. This months bag not only had a face wash and a mask (what’s new there…) but a lipstick, Tarte’s Sex Kitten eyeliner, and Benefit’s new BadGal BANG mascara.


I’ll start off with the bag, I love the pattern depicting of a diverse group of women. So cute and can relate to everyone. The bag is canvas and came with 2 markers to color the outside. Ya girl loves to color so this one was right up my ally. It really was one of my favorite bags and so creative.

BADGal Bang Mascara in Pitch Black


Y’all, I have been wanting to try this mascara since it was first released so I was so excited to find out it was coming in my bag this month. I whipped it out and tried it the second my bag came in the mail. The formula is amazing, not clumpy at all. It glides on my lashes so perfectly and make them so voluminous. It is definitely my new go-to mascara.

Sex Kitten Eyeliner


If you’ve been following my blog for even just a few months, you know how much I love Tarte Cosmetics. They’re one of my favorite brands and I’ve never tried a single product I don’t love from them. I’m not a huge fan of eyeliner, in fact I rarely even wear it, so I’d never tried this one before. The tip is so thin, making it easy to tight line your lashes. It’s also waterproof and doesn’t run or smear throughout the day. On the rare occation I do wear eyeliner, this will certainly be the one I reach for.

Mini Lipstick in Rose Gold


I’m always up for a new lipstick and this shade is right in line with what I wear from day to day. I was really excited to try it, but sadly was so disappointed. The pigment is terrible making it look more like a stain. Lip stains do not look good on me at all, so after trying to make this work a few times, it went straight to the trash.

Jasmine Waterful Foaming Cleanser


This cleanser had a great smell but, oh my goodness, did it dry my face out. It’s like it sucked every bit of moisture I had left right out of my skin. My pregnancy has brought on dry skin anyway and this cleanser didn’t help at all. I might give it one more change after I have the babe but until then, this will be staying at the back on my cabinet.

Purifying Mud Mask


There’s nothing new in receiving a face mask in my Ipsy bag, I pretty much get one every single month. I do love a good mud mask so I was excited to give it a try. Okay y’all, it’s about to get real. Remember in middle school science class when they made you dissect a frog…just the thought of that gives me awful chills…anyway, this mask smells exactly like that day in science class. I had to hold my breath the entire time I was applying it. It was nasty! Once it started to dry the smell began to go away, thank goodness. I waited the 2 minutes the directions called for and washed it off. I didn’t see or feel any difference in my skin. Usually mud masks leave my face feeling refreshed and clean but this one didn’t. Overall, I was really disappointed.

March Ipsy gets a 2 out of 5 for me. While I was really excited about all of the products, only 2 of them kept me excited after use. Will I stay with Ipsy? Probably not. It’s not worth the $10 to me anymore. If you’ve been wanting to try Ipsy for yourself, you can do so HERE!





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