Monat Volume System

Since November, my closest girlfriends have been telling me how amazing Monat’s volume shampoo and conditioner is and how I’ve got to try it for myself. I fought it for the longest time because not only is it a bit pricy but I just don’t wash my hair so it just didn’t seem worth it for me. Even my mom has been using Monat for months and has nothing but great things to say. I finally gave in last month and got the whole volume system and their Rejuvabeads, and I feel like I have officially used it enough to give it an honest review. IMG_1446

I will say there is a definite learning curve to using any Monat shampoo. You don’t use it like typical shampoo. You squeeze about a quarter size amount into your hands and rub it together until it becomes white and frothy. They refer to this as “emulsifying” the shampoo. Once you’ve emulsified, you apply it directly to your roots and scrub in really well. It really didn’t lather much at all my first use but again, I don’t wash my hair. It was 2 weeks unwashed and had some product in it so it was to be expected. Once fully incorporated in your roots, they recommend letting it sit for 2 minutes before washing it out. Once completely rinsed, repeat the process once more. The second wash, you incorporate the product into all of your hair. This time it really did lather up as normal. As far as conditioner goes, you apply a small amount and let it sit as you would any normal conditioner before rinsing it out. The conditioner literally makes my hair crazy soft and so easy to brush once I get out of the shower! Bonus, I’m losing near as much hair as I was before I started using these products. Y’all, I’m not kidding when I say I could probably make my own wig out of the amount of hair I used to lose during and after I shower. These Monat products have drastically improved my hair loss and I’ve only been using them for about a month.

The other products I use regularly are the Reshape root lift spray and the Rejuvabeads. Once I get out of the shower and brush through my hair, I first use Rejuvabeads. I do 2 pumps into my hands and evenly distribute it on the bottom half of my hair really focusing it on my roots. Even wet, my hair feels amazing after I use this stuff and my hair has had significantly less breakage since I started using it. It’s probably my favorite Monat product I have. Lastly, I use the Reshape root lift spray. I lift sections of hair and spray it directly into my roots then brush through my hair. I’m always honest with y’all about the products I try and review and will say I haven’t really seen any “results” from this spray. It’s supposed to really amp up my roots giving me great volume but as of now, I haven’t seen a change.

So the real question…is it worth it? For me, YES! I have been loving my results. Even my husband has commented on how much smoother, shinier, and softer my hair has been. I’m constantly running my fingers through my hair because of how soft it is. Even on the last few days before I wash, my hair is still so very soft. Another favorite thing about my experience with Monat is how straight my hair is after air drying. My hair is typically a frizzy wavy mess when it dries after my shower but it’s just so smooth and pretty dang straight with this stuff. This was only a few hours after my very first Monat wash air dried. (Don’t mind how badly I need a trim and a color. haha)


Of course, not every product is going to work for everyone, but I would certainly recommend giving this stuff a try!

Interested in trying Monat for yourself? Click HERE! My girl Kera is just the sweetest and can help get you anything you need! Have additional questions? You can email her at

Have you tried Monat yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.



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