Tyme Iron Pro

If you have a Facebook and have any interest in beauty, I’m sure you’ve seen at least one ad for the Tyme iron; I think I see at least 2 per day. I always stop and watch the short promo about how easy it is to curl AND straighten your hair with this one hot iron. I’ve wanted to give it a try for years, but for the hefty price tag it wasn’t something I was willing to just take a chance on. Well, this Christmas my mom came through and I opened my very own Tyme Iron Pro and after a whole month of sitting in it’s case, I finally took it out and gave it a try.

I will start by saying, this iron looks so intimidating when you first take it out. I looked over the simple illustrations a few times before finally just looking up how to use the thing on YouTube. To curl, you hold it with your thumb on the straightener side and your hand on the curling side, or as they call it, the guide side. You want to be sure that guide side is at the top of your hair when you start and you simply “vroom” out towards the mirror as you gently guide it down your hair. It’s that simple! It’s basically just a fool proof way to curl your hair with a hair straightener and your curls come out BEAUTIFUL!


Now the burning question…did my curls last? I will start by saying my hair was freshly washed when I curled and I curled in fairly large sections. While it fell a little, I still had pretty curls the next morning. Did I take a picture the next morning? Of course I didn’t! But I did color my hair the very next day, re-curl it AND remembered to take a “morning after” picture this time. So below is my freshly washed, day 1 curls and my non-touched up curls the next morning. While my curls have clearly relaxed over night, they’re still beautiful and didn’t need any touching up.

Verdict? I love it! I give it a solid 10 for 10. While pricy, I think once you get the hang of using it, it’s completely worth it. I love the chunky curls the Tyme iron is able to create and definitely recommend it.

Want to see me use my Tyme Iron for the first time? Join my Facebook beauty group HERE and search Tyme.

Want your own Tyme Iron Pro? You can get one HERE!

Do you have a Tyme Iron? What are your thoughts on it? What’s your favorite way to curl your hair? Let me know in the comments!



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