Be My Galentine?

Can you believe it’s already February 1st? The first month of 2018 has so quickly come and gone and it’s time to get ready for one of my favorite days, Valentine’s Day! This year, get ready to celebrate with your squad; your shoulders to cry on, your listening ears, your favorite brunch dates, your partners in crime, your besties and soul sisters. Whether you’re taken, single, or fall into the “it’s complicated” category, your gal pals are always there for you and this year Maskcara is helping you celebrate THEM!


The Maskcara Chocolate Eyeshadow Collection


This lovely heart-shaped box comes in 3 options,
each filled with a different combination of our sweetest eyeshadows!

Assorted Chocolates ($70)

Rome, Amethyst, Bend & Snap, Trust, Stardust, Kin

You will have ALL the heart eyes for this selection of some of our most beloved shades!

Hot Chocolate ($70)

Bright Eyes, Gilded, Zion, Bubba, Valencia, Coco

You may need to blow on this one to cool it down, because this combination of chocolate shades
is SO hot right now. (whipped cream and sprinkles not included)

Chocolate and Diamonds ($70)

Mama, On Wednesdays, Coco, Sabrina, Stay Golden, Bright Eyes

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so get chummy with this warm and shimmery collection!

If a game of chance with a box of mystery-filled chocolates isn’t your idea of romance, drop a hint or two to Cupid that a Maskcara Chocolate Box is the way to your heart!


Perfector Love Notes ($25)


Be mine, Galentine! Tell her she’s loved with this sweet, colorful pack of 3 Maskcara Perfectors that each have a special love note and come in a ready-to-gift package!
(Includes one of each- Orange: I ❤ HAC, Yellow: XOXO, Pink: Be Mine)

Can you think of a “perfector” gift for the lovely ladies in your life than seamlessly blended makeup? I sure can’t!

Best Friend Square Compact Duo ($15)


It takes two to tango, to make a thing go right, and to share this special edition compact!
Grab your BFF and crack this duo to make your relationship Maskcara official.
When you break the package, you will each have a square compact with matching halves of a best friend heart, ready to fill with your favorite singles!

Because friends who Maskcara together, stay together.

If any of these Valentine’s goodies catch your eye, you can browse them under shop>new HERE! Please use party #19384 when prompted at checkout!

Isn’t this entire Valentine’s collection just darling? I’m obsessing over the perfector sponges and the Assorted Chocolates eyeshadow box! Which catches your eye most? Let me know in the comments!




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