Happy 1st Birthday, Maskcara!

On January 17, 2017; Maskcara Beauty opened it’s doors for artists to join with them in promoting their beautiful high quality makeup line. I joined about a month later and as I’m sure you all know, it’s been one of the best decisions of my life!

Today, one year later we are celebrating and celebrating BIG!


All day long, we will be partying Maskcara style over on Instagram! There will be live videos, games, giveaways, awards, and CAKE! Who doesn’t love all those things? Follow along @MaskcaraParty

My favorite way Maskcara is celebrating is with the amazing new artist incentive being offered TODAY ONLY! Sign up to be a Maskcara Beauty makeup artist today, 1/17, and receive the beautiful triple decker Pro Artist Palette ($70 value) completely free.

And guess what? We’ve sweetened the deal even more. Sign up with the basic kit and you’ll also receive a Milk moisturizing cream ($50 value) absolutely free! Sign up with the pro kit and you’ll receive the entire Tres Leches skincare system ($95 value) for free! If you haven’t heard about Tres Leches yet then you’ve clearly been hiding under a rock. Read all about how amazing it is HERE!


Just in case you’re like me and not that great with math…let me break it down for you. Become an artist today by purchasing the Basic Kit for $199 and not only will you receive $450 worth of Maskcara products but you’ll also receive an additional $120 worth of freebies just for joining on our birthday. That’s $570 worth of product for only $199! You think that’s good? Wait for this one…become an artist today by purchasing the Pro Kit for $399 and not only will you get $850 worth of Maskcara products, you’ll also receive an additional $165 worth of freebies for joining on our birthday. That is $1,015 worth of product for just $399! It literally makes me want to cry of excitement how generous they’re being to all the beautiful new ladies that join our tribe today!


So what are you waiting for? Get in here gorgeous! I promise you it will be one of the greatest decisions of your life. You will gain 500 new best friends the instant you join all of which will have your back and insist on helping you succeed. Our team makes up a large portion of the company and we have some of the best trainings offered. There is no way you can fail will all the resources and love you will have supporting you! You’ll have so much fun making women feel beautiful and more confident all while making money along the way.

Talk to me today and lets get you signed up, get all these freebies in your hands, and get you started on one of the greatest journeys!

Read all about why I chose Maskcara HERE and about my weekend with my Maskcara tribe HERE!

Have questions about joining with Maskcara? Ask me anything in the comments!

Ready to jump in head first? Visit www.MaskcaraBeauty.com/JenaJones and click on “Become an Artist.” If it asks for an artist number, put in #1725 to be sure you’re place on our team!

I can’t wait to have you join us and become part of our sisterhood! I promise it will change your life!



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