Keeping Those Curls

Now that I’ve mastered only washing my hair once every 2 weeks, my next goal has been to find a way to fix it as little as possible!


I bought this 1/2in-1in tapered wand a few years ago and after just a few uses it quickly got shoved to the back of my bathroom cabinet where the majority of my hair tools go to die. It was really my first experience with using a wand and because I didn’t really know what I was doing, I didn’t love the way my curls looked. Now that I’ve changed my hair washing schedule I’ve pulled this wand back out and it’s been an absolute time saver for me!!

The day after I wash my hair I use the smallest half of the tapered wand and tight curl my hair in small sections. It takes about 30-40 minutes to curl all of my hair but not having it fix it for the next 2 weeks makes it all worth it! I sleep on my hair as usual and my curls will naturally fall to a looser curl as the days go on.

Here’s some photos of how my hair held up over the past 2 weeks of our vacation!







DAY 13


and I washed it that night!

I realize these aren’t the greatest pictures, but it lets you see just how well my curls held up without any touch ups! I’ve also begun using a new dry shampoo that I’ll review here soon and I used it 3 times total over the 2 week span, in my roots before bed.

I am LOVING this time saving method to getting beautifully curled hair for a long period of time! If you try this method, avoid pulling your hair up until the end of your no wash period. Pulling it up will only relax your hair quicker and might even leave kinks and creases forcing you to either wash early, or re-curl.

Purchase the Remington Tapered curling wand HERE!

Have you tried this tight curl method? How long have your curls lasted? Let me know in the comments!





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