Cute & Comfy Date Night Look

After getting married, my husband and I promised that we would continue dating no matter what. Friday’s were our date nights. We’d go to dinner, out for a stroll downtown, shopping, a movie, anything to get out of the house together after a long busy week.

After having our daughter, we again promised each other that we would continue our date nights no matter what. These days, most of our dates consist of having pizza together at Costco or watching tv once our daughter is down for the night but we still make each other that priority

On rare occasions, our busy lives allow us to get a babysitter and truly have a date night and last night was one of those nights. I got to fix my hair and makeup and put on some cute clothes for dinner and a show with my favorite man and today I wanted to share that date night look with you.



My typical date night hair and makeup is relatively simple. I put some curl in my hair and do a really natural face with some form of pink or nude lip. I use a 1in curling wand to put some curl in my hair and finish it off with Biolage’s Curling Butter. The curling butter helps to lightly hold my curls for days after using it and gives my curls a beautiful finish. My makeup application begins with my Maskcara Beauty 3d foundation. After I highlight, contour, blush, and illuminate my face; I move on to a very natural shimmer smoky eye. Recently I’ve been really into Stay Golden and Bubba eyeshadows by Maskcara mixed with the Golden State of Mind palette by Colourpop. For my lips, I used Colourpop’s matte lip in the shade Flurries.

Click HERE to watch me accomplish this look live on Facebook!

(Get everything listed here>>> Mascara Beauty makeupColourpop Golden State of Mind palette, Colourpop Flurries Matte LipBiolage Hair Butter)

I love date nights for multiple reasons and getting to dress up outside of my ‘mom clothes’ or ‘dance clothes’ is one of my favorites. I was so excited for a chance to wear my new sweater from Hazel & Olive boutique. I’m a chunky sweater type of girl and a chunky off the shoulder sweater just melts my heart. This sweater is the most beautiful light mauve color and is so soft. It was so warm and comfortable for how cold it was last night and I got so many compliments on it. I paired the sweater with my favorite skinny jeans from Old Navy. It’s been a struggle for my whole life to find jeans that are long enough for my long legs and Old Navy has them. Their Rockstar skinny jeans are so comfortable and the perfect length for me. I cuff them at the bottom and throw on my favorite grey suede booties.  As far as jewelry I’ve got my 2 favorite dainty necklaces; a simple gold stamped necklace and a beautiful blush pink Kendra Scott necklace.

(Get everything listed here>>> Hazel & Olive Sweater, Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, Grey Suede Booties, Kendra Scott Necklace, Simple Gold Necklace)




What’s your favorite date night look? Let me know in the comments!



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