Dry Skin Ladies…Listen Up

Alright, ladies with dry skin, listen up! I have found the holy grail daily skincare routine for you!

For my entire life, I have had normal skin; I’ve never been oily and I’ve never been dry. This winter, for whatever reason, my skin hates me. I am so dry and flaky and by the end of the day, my chin and nose look just terrible. I have done my research and tried all the tips and tricks I have been given and nothing I have tried has worked for me…until now.

This time last year I was told about an amazing face wash and makeup remover in one, Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser. I used it for a while but eventually stopped after noticing my face was actually getting a bit oily because of the deep moisture the cleanser offers. Fast forward to my crazy skin this winter. Frustrated with my dry skin, I finally went and bought some more of the Ponds cleanser keeping my fingers crossed that it would do the trick. I am here to tell you it has helped tremendously. A few more weeks of my new nightly routine and I suspect my dry skin will be completely gone. I can already see amazing changes after just one week of use.

I start by using the Ponds moisturizing makeup removing wipes (purchase HERE). I don’t know about you, but I want the majority of my makeup to be off before using a washcloth.


These wipes are so soft and the first one is just as wet as the last one. They’re remove most of my makeup and you can feel how hydrating they are on your skin.

371-95759-Cold Cream Cleanser_300x300

Next, wet my hands and put 3 generous dots of cleanser (purchase HERE) to my face. Using my fingers, I gently massage the cleanser all over my face. It will feel a bit greasy but trust me when I tell you, your face is going to feel amazing after you wipe it all off. Using my wet washcloth, I simply wipe my face clean of all cleanser and any left over makeup.


Last but not least, after my face has fully dried, I moisturize with Maskcara’s Milk Moisturizing Cream (purchase HERE). It contains 16% natural milk components which not only gives you deep moisture, but it also helps even out skin tone. It sinks in super quick too, leaving your face feeling hydrated and not sticky.

That concludes my nightly routine. Once a week, I shave my face (read all about that HERE) and exfoliate using a fine exfoliator. Right now I’m using the Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion paste which can be purchased HERE. The fine exfoliation paste is so gentle on my skin while still removing all of the dry flaky skin! Then I wash with cold cream and moisturize as usual.

What do you use to keep your face hydrated during the winter? Let me know in the comments!




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