Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Happy December 1st everyone! I just can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. So many amazing things have come my way this year and I can’t even wait to see what next year holds. With it being December 1st, I thought I’d give you a few things that should be on your Christmas wishlist this season!

1. Morphe’s 39A Dare to Create Eyeshadow Palette


As much as I love Morphe, I didn’t they had it in them to create another all-star palette as wonderful as the Jaclyn Hill palette. Well thank goodness I was wrong because the 39A limited edition holiday palette is to die for! It includes 32 smaller shades and 7 large transition shades and let me tell you, it is totally worth the $32 price tag. The pigments are just insane, one tap with my brush is enough to do my entire eye look. This palette is limited edition so snag it up while you can! You can purchase this palette in some Ulta stores or directly from

2. Stila’s Written In the Stars Liquid Eyeshadow Set


These new Stila liquid glitter eyeshadows are just everything in the beauty world right now. Everyone is raving about them and I’m dying to try them! This set comes in 3 different shades; Diamond Dust, Kitten Karma, and Smoky Storm. This set will run you only $25 and the holiday looks you can accomplish with them are endless. These glitter eyeshadows are sold in all beauty stores, such as Ulta and Sephora, or online at

3. GlamGlow’s Glitter Mask Firming Treatment

Y’all, this mask…because who doesn’t want their face completely covered in glitter? I know I do! Give me all the glitter, all the time! GalmGlow is my all time favorite face mask company. They’re always coming out with new masks and each one is better than the last. All of their masks are a little pricy and at $69 this one will be no exception, but trust me when I say they’re so worth it. Each GlamGlow mask does exactly what they claim to do and I highly recommend them! All GlamGlow masks can be purchased in stores at Sephora or directly from their website,

4. Invisibobble’s Traceless Hair Rings


I’ve raved about them before and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. These hair ties (or twisties as I call them) are the best I’ve ever used. Not only do they hold hair so well without creasing, but they make the most perfect messy bun ever. I am beyond obsessed with these and recommend them to every single person I talk hair with. They only cost $8 for a pack of 3 and they last seriously forever. Go get these twisties today and thank me tomorrow! Invisibobble Hair Rings can be purchased in Sephora stores or online.

5. Maskcara’s Brush Collection and Restore Brush Cleaner

Let me tell you, everyone needs these brushes and this no dry brush cleaner in their lives. These brushes are the softest and most high quality brushes I’ve ever used. They’re all synthetic and double sided so you’re essentially getting 12 brushes for the price of 6, buy it as a whole collection for $148 and you’re only paying for 5 of them! Restore brush cleaner only runs $28 for 8.5 oz of product. It conditions, cleans, and sanitizes your brushes with zero dry time and leaves your brushes smelling so amazing! These items definitely need to make their way on your wishlist. To purchase, visit

6. Too Faced’s Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder


Too Faced’s whole Sweet Peach line is to die for. It all smells amazing and all the products I’ve used from the line are all great. I’ve been looking for a good new setting powder and have heard such wonderful reviews from this one and I can’t wait to get it in my hands. This powder is $32 and is almost always out of stock at my local Sephora and is currently out of stock on the Too Faced website.

7. Colourpop’s Holiday 2017 Matte Collection

I bought 8 of the 10 matte’s from Colourpop’s Holiday collection the day they came out. The ONLY reason I didn’t get them all is because Cloudscape is very brown I’m not a big brown lipstick girl and Soufflé is very similar to the Viper Colourpop shade I already have. These holiday shades are just amazing. Such a variety for any and everyone, from nudes to bold reds, I’m just obsessed. These mattes are only $6 each and can be purchased exclusively at

These are all of my must haves this holiday season, some I already own, use, and highly recommend and some I’m just dying to get my hands on.

What are some of the top beauty products on your holiday wishlist this Christmas season? Let me know in the comments!




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