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I’ve always loved little boutiques, in person or online. Boutique clothing is just my style and prices are usually super affordable. Well, I have recently found a new boutique and have quickly fallen in love! Glamber & Grace is a one woman show run by a beautiful soul named Amber! Amber is the most genuine person I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and I’m so thankful our common interests brought us together! On the front page of the Glamber & Grace website, it says:

When we choose pieces for the shoppe we really reflect on what makes a woman feel beautiful no matter where her feet may take her. As our collection grows, we hope that our pieces  become treasured favorites in your closet!

I just love that! Amber chooses clothing for the every day woman, no matter who she may be. From a stay at home mom all the way to the every day office worker, every woman can find something perfect for them! Another thing I love about Amber’s Shoppe is her limited quantities! I love that anything I purchase from her will be super original and limited edition leaving only a handful of people with the same items as me.

After browsing through her website, it took every ounce of self control in me not to buy just every single thing and I finally settled on this beautiful Slouchy Jersey Sweater Dress.


It so simple and can so easily be dressed up, I just knew this was the first piece I needed from Glamber & Grace. First of all, shipping is crazy fast! I ordered on Monday and received my dress promptly on Wednesday afternoon! Second, her prices are amazing! This jersey dress was only $24 and the quality is just amazing. It’s so soft and comfortable.



This dress is perfect paired with a blanket scarf, booties, and a hat. It was the perfect fall outfit!


You guys I even have some sneak peaks for you! Amber is always adding new pieces to her Shoppe, and tonight I have my hands on the 3 newest items hitting the shop so soon!



I mean come on! How adorable is that shirt and those dresses? I’m just obsessed!!

Y’all, get excited, I was even able to swing you guys a discount code! Use the code “SweetTea10” for 10% off your entire order with Glamber & Grace!

Shop the Glamber & Grace Shoppe HERE!

What are some of your favorite items from Amber’s shop? Let me know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Glamber & Grace Shoppe

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    Jena is one of those gals you meet and you can instantly feel that she has a good soul. She’s kind, generous, crazy talented and pretty dang funny. You are totally missing out if you don’t subscribe to her blog. She has the best style tips and just recently shared a mean Sweat tea recipe! Look how cute she styled that sweater dress from The Glamber & Grace Shoppe. ❤️


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