With it being thanksgiving week, I thought I’d make a post dedicated to all the things I’m thankful for! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times a year! Not only do we get to eat some amazing food, but it really makes you stop and appreciate different aspects of your life!



My family is the most important thing to me! My husband is the most selfless and wonderful man in the world and my daughter is has the sweetest most loving soul. I am so blessed by them each day and don’t know what I did to deserve them!



I have some of the greatest friends in the world, both pictured and not pictured. They care for me, listen to me, and most importantly; love me despite my flaws. I know I can come to them at my lowest or highest and they won’t judge me either way. I am so thankful for them each day but especially this week of thanksgiving!



I couldn’t be more thankful to my mom for putting me in dance classes when I was two. Not only has it always provided me with an outlet to express myself, it’s provided income for my family. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach dance for the past twelve years. That’s twelve years of students I’ve been able to grow close with and watch improve. These students become so much more than just students, they become my kids, and I’m so proud of them and their growth each week.



Y’all knew it was coming, but I’m thankful for makeup for far better reasons than the superficial ones you’re thinking of. Over the past three years, makeup has become a sense of expression for me. I enjoy doing my makeup and coming up with new looks, and it gives me a sort of identity outside of being a mom and a wife. My love of makeup has brought so much new into my life in 2017. Maskcara Beauty entered my life in February bring with it new friendships, an additional income, a whole community of women with the creation of my Facebook beauty group, and all of you who subscribe to and read my blog! I am just so very thankful for everything that makeup has done for me and brought into my life over the past few years!

What are you thankful for this week of Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments!



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