November Ipsy Review

I contemplated signing up for Ipsy for months before I actually did. All of my friends that got the monthly bag only ever discussed the negative. They were receiving product repeats, the brands weren’t quality, and the products weren’t any good. I wasn’t sure why I should spend $10 a month to get a bag full of things I would never use and just end up throwing away. This summer I finally just bit the bullet and signed up, knowing that I could cancel at any point. This month marks my 5th beauty bag with Ipsy and I can honestly say I haven’t been disappointed with a single bag yet! That could change as I’m with them longer, but so far I’ve been extremely pleased and I think November’s bag is my favorite yet!

fileAsset-5As always, I’ll start with my least favorite product which is the Trèstique Mini Brow Pencil. I’ve always struggled with finding a brow pencil that was the right shade for me. While the shade of this pencil surprisingly matched well, I wasn’t in love with the product’s chalky consistency. I’m used to using cream products on a brush to fill in my brows and it glides and fills so easily. This one is a bit hard and, as I said above, chalky making it a little difficult to fill my brows like I like them. However, I loved using it to extend the tail of my brow! The pencil is tapered and created the perfect tail to my brows then all I had to do is go in with my usual brow products and fill the rest in! While I won’t be using this to completely fill in my brows daily, I will definitely be using it to extend my brow tail.

fileAsset-3The Bad, Baby brand Dry Shampoo Pen is something I wasn’t super excited about. While I love dry shampoo, I have a brand that I love and didn’t really see much need to try a new one! Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up this one and used it for the first time! First of all, I love that it’s travel size. It fits perfectly in my clutch for quick dry shampoo touch-ups throughout the day if needed. It’s especially useful on days I teach dance. Just a few quick sprays and my hair is refreshed after dancing around all evening with my kids. It also works really well without leaving  huge amount of white residue in my hair, I am definitely a fan of this product.

fileAsset-7Next up is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade Idol. I love anything Tarte! In fact, it’s one of my favorite brands right now! This blush is no exception! Idol is a dusty pink with a bit of a shimmer and it’s so beautiful on! It goes on smoothly and leaves a beautiful pink glow on your cheeks that lasts throughout the day. This is actually probably my favorite Tarte blush I’ve used to date and I would definitely recommend this shade!


fileAsset-2It Cosmetic’s CC+ cream is something I’ve been wanting to try for months so I was so excited to receive it in my Ipsy bag this month. While the color is a little dark for me (which reminded me to change my Ipsy settings to a lighter winter color) I love the product. It has a nice smell and offers great coverage while remaining light and matte on my face. Perfect for a day of errands or lazy vacation days when you don’t want to put on a full face of makeup. Even the darker shade blended really well on my face, I just had to bring it down my neck a bit for it to match better. I’m super excited about this product and will be purchasing a full sized in my correct shade soon.

fileAssetNow on to my favorite product in this months Ipsy bag, Em Cosmetics Infinite Lip cloud in the shade Rose Nude. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been very impressed with the lipstick shades and brands I’ve received from Ipsy before and with this brand I’d never heard of I thought this one wasn’t going to be any different. I was definitely wrong! Not only is the color beautiful, but it’s a super hydrating matte and it lasts all day! I wore it all day yesterday and it didn’t budge at all; through eating, drinking, teaching, everything. I am obsessed with this lipstick and foresee it being my new daily go to.

This month, I had also accumulated enough points to get 2 extra’s in my bag and I chose Pond’s face wipes and Miracle It’s a 10 leave in conditioner.


I was almost out of my current face wipes and thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out something new. I’ve used the Pond’s cold cream before and didn’t love it. I’ve always had normal skin and the cold cream made my face really oily so I was a little hesitant to try these wipes but I actually really loved them. They’re so soft and so easily removed all of my make up in just a few swipes. The it’s a 10 is a product I’ve been wanting to try for so long but it’s just so expensive I’ve never actually purchased it! While I think it’s an amazing leave in conditioner, I’m not sure it’s worth it’s huge price tag. There are so many amazing leave in conditioners for a much smaller price.

What was your favorite products from this months Ipsy bag? Let me know in the comments! You’re not subscribed for a monthly Ipsy beauty bag? Click HERE to sign up today!






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