I Shave My Face

That’s right…I said it, I shave my face! My husband hates it when I tell people that and he swears to me that one day I’ll wake up and have a full beard. I hate to break it to him, but I’ve been shaving my face once a week for almost a year now and no beard yet.

Have you ever heard of dermaplaning? It’s a method of exfoliation, typically done by an aesthetician, where the top layer of dead skin is removed with a scalpel. Well at home face shaving is just a less intense version of dermaplaning. Not only does it remove the peach fuzz from your face, it also takes care of that pesky dry dead skin that’s inevitable with the upcoming cold weather.

So, how exactly do you shave your face? You start by finding the razor that works best for you! When I first started, I used my regular razor and even with a fresh blade it made my face have some minor bumps. Once I switched to the Tinkle brand eyebrow razors, the bumps no longer made their appearance and I was able to truly appreciate all the benefits of face shaving. 411jTBRjYrL._SY355_You’ll want to start by washing off your makeup and letting your face completely dry before shaving. I always shave dry, I always shave down, then I always follow by washing my face a second time with my Tres Leches cleanser, and finish by slathering on the moisturizer. My face is overall so much smoother and brighter since I started shaving my face! And my favorite benefit? My makeup goes on so smooth and flawlessly!


Do you shave your face? What are some of your favorite benefits? Let me know in the comments!



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