Lazy Day Hair

If you’re a mom, you know that lazy day hair is just part of the gig. I’ve never been the girl to have the perfectly styled hair daily anyway, but after having my daughter two years ago, those perfect hair days are nearly extinct now. I have 4 go to lazy day styles to keep myself looking put together while out and about without actually having to try and today I’m going to share those hairstyles with you.

1. The ‘Mom’ Bun or Top Knot


This is probably the lazy day hair style I wear most often because it’s so simple to throw your hair up and still look somewhat put together. I use the invisibobble hair twisties and they create the PERFECT bun every single time without pulling at my hair or leaving that nasty crease at the end of the day! I will never go back to a normal elastic twisty after finding and using the invisibobble’s. For my ‘mom’ bun, I flip my head over and brush out the roots until their smooth and gather my hair into a pony tail in my hands, up towards the crown of my head. I then begin twisting counter-clockwise and rotate it into a bun and then securing it with my hair twisty. Last, I’ll pull apart the bun a bit to loosen it up and pull out two small sections of hair by my ears to frame my face! So simple and takes about two minutes! The ‘mom’ bun is even easier, especially with the invisibobble hair twisties. All you do is gather your hair into a pony tail in your hands at the crown of your head, like before. Then you’ll put the twisty around it once, flip your hair in half and continue wrapping the twisty around it. Last, pull the bun apart a bit and bobby pin any unwanted sections down and pull down those side sections to frame your face. Simple as that and your ‘mom’ bun is on point.

2. The Half Bun


The half bun, in my opinion, looks good on everyone. Long hair, short hair, curly, or straight, it’s such an easy look to throw together and look good in any situation. It’s perfect for me when I have two or three day old curls. The front half of my hair has been known to lose it’s curl overnight so pulling that section up into my half bun is the perfect solution. To accomplish this easy look, you just pull up the front half of your hair and follow the same steps for the top knot above. Easy as that. The half bun takes me all of one minute to do before I have to run out the door and is one of my favorite lazy day hairstyles.

3. The Side Fish-tail Braid


This one may seem more difficult but trust me, it’s not. I cannot braid to save my life and I can do the fish-tail braid. I first start by sweeping all of my hair to the side where the larger half of my part is, so for me, the right side. Next, you simply split your hair in half and you’ll start to braid. To fish-tail braid, all you do is take a small section of hair from the outside of the right half and add it to the left half. Then you’ll take a small section of hair from the outside of the left half and add it to the right half. You’ll repeat this over and over until you’ve braided your hair as far down as you wish. You can then choose to pull apart your braid a bit to make it looser and I like to pull out a small section on the left to frame my face.

4. The High Pony


Last but certainly not least, the high pony. I’ve been doing this hair style more and more recently because of how quick it is and how put together it looks. I start by brushing my hair out upside down until smooth. Next, I gather all of my hair into a pony tail right above the crown of my head. After securing it with my twisty I take only the top half of my pony tail into my hands and split it into two sections pulling tight. This will make your pony tail not only tighten, but also move forward a bit, creating a slight bump. I’ll then smooth out the bump and pull those hairs out by my ears to frame my face! The high pony is such a cute look and my go to for errands and date nights!

What’s your favorite lazy day hairstyle? Let me know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Lazy Day Hair

  1. I need to figure out that fish tail! Where did you find that twist thing?!
    One more thing, lol, are these the types of styles that you did on your no wash days while it was still greasy in the beginning?


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