DIY 50s Housewife

My daughter is obsessed with the movie Trolls! When I say obsessed, I mean we’ve watched it 3 times per day on multiple occasions…don’t judge us. I knew from the second she became obsessed with the movie that she would be Princess Poppy for halloween. I wanted us to have cute family costumes, but life happened and I was scrambling at the last minute trying to find a costume for myself. I’ve always loved halloween and have dressed up every year for as long as I can remember so I wasn’t going to let this year be any different.


As I was going through my closet Tuesday night, switching from summer to fall clothes, I found a 50s housewife style dress I’d forgotten I even had. So an idea was born and I threw together a last minute, DIY, 50s housewife costume. The dress was easy, makeup and hair was the fun part!


For makeup, I started with my basic highlight and contour routine and did a light brow shaping. I then used a bright pink blush and kept my eyeshadow simple with just two shades, a brown on the outer corner and a neutral shimmer shadow on my lid. Next, I used a felt tip liquid liner to do a small and elegant wing and put on a light coat of mascara. I finished the look by adding a bold red lip with ‘creeper’ from Colourpop.


Hair was a little bit tricky for me but I made it work. I pulled the back half up into a high pony tail leaving the front half down. I then added the ribbon and pinned that down so it wouldn’t shift throughout the night. Taking the larger half of my part, I twisted sections of hair at a time and pinned them back at my pony tail, then pulled them apart giving them more body and poof. I did the same thing to the smaller half of my hair, but only in one section on this side. Next, I used a donut sponge and created a bun then pinned down any unwanted sections of hair. A little bit of hairspray and the look is complete.

This look was so fun and so simple to do and made for a great last minute costume! We set up our photo booth for the trick or treaters and, of course, took some fun fam photos ourselves. Enjoy!


What were you for halloween? Did you DIY your costume or buy it complete in a store? Let me know in the comments below!





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