Top 5 Favorite Beauty Brands

I’ve used my fair share of beauty brands and products over the years, both drug store and high end, and today I’m going to highlight my top 5 favorites!

Taking up the rear at number 5 is Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie has really nailed it with her entire collection! From lip kits and highlights to blushes and eyeshadow pallets, each new product she produces is not only beautiful but such high quality. She has wide shade ranges in all her products so there truly is something for everyone. My favorite products from Kylie Cosmetics would have to be her lip kits and pressed highlights! The lip kit is her staple product and how her brand all began.


The formula is so silky and smells so good. Once on, the matte lipstick isn’t at all drying which is hard to accomplish in a matte liquid lippie. For a more detailed review on Kylie’s lip kits, click here.


I also love her pressed highlights. They’re buttery smooth and the pigment is insane! Just one swipe gives you enough shine for days which also means they’ll last you a long time.

Number 4 on my list is Morphe. I’ve owned many eyeshadow palettes and Morphe is by far my very favorite! Their high quality and highly pigmented eyeshadows cannot be matched. For a range of $15-$38 you’ll get anywhere from 12-35 different shades of shadow per palette and trust me when I say, they are so worth it! Morphe’s shade range in each of their palettes are beautiful and they offer palettes fit for everyone. All of Morphe’s eyeshadow palettes are great but I’ve got to highlight my all time favorite, the morpheXjaclynhill eyeshadow palette!


Each of these 35 shadows were pressed differently to produce maximum pigment for each shade and it makes all the difference. Each shade in the JH pallet is so smooth and pigmented. It’s my go to every day eyeshadow palette and I think every single person needs it as part of their makeup collection!

Next up is Colourpop Cosmetics. I’ve done a Colourpop review before but couldn’t miss the opportunity to highlight them again in this post. If you’ve followed me for more than a week, you know my love and obsession with Colourpop. The quality products they offer for such a low price tag is one of my favorite things about the company. I have over 20 of their matte liquid lip colors, 5 or 6 of their super shock cheek highlights, and three or four other products they have to offer.


Their liquid lips are a little drying, but with a little bit of chapstick or coconut oil first, it’s not even an issue for me. They have a beautiful range of lip shades and the best part? They last all day! For me; they’re kiss proof, food proof, drink proof, etc. They don’t transfer and I don’t have to re-apply as the day goes on.


Their spongy Super Shock Cheek Highlights are my other favorite Colourpop product. They’re best applied with a wet beauty sponge and have beautiful pigment. I use these highlights almost every day because they’re just so beautiful! For a more detailed review on the Colourpop brand, click here.

My number 2 is a few found love for me, Tarte Cosmetics. I’ve known about Tarte for the longest time but I’ve never actually taken the plunge into their products until recently and let me tell you, I have been missing out. Tarte has quickly become one of my favorites!


I received a sample of their Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara in my Ipsy bag this month and quickly fell in love! I’ve tried over 10 different mascara’s in the past 3 months trying to find the one for me and I’ve finally found it. Day one of Tarte’s birthday sale, they offered $10 mascara and I quickly jumped on and got mine. Lights, Camera, Lashes is not clumpy at all and makes my lashes look amazing!


One of Tarte’s other stand out products is their Shape Tape concealer. Friends have been hounding me for months to get Shape Tape and now I understand why. This stuff is magic in a bottle. Not only does it brighten my face, but it covers so well without looking thick or cakey at all. I recommend getting a shade thats 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone to achieve the brightness and coverage.


I feel like the theme of this post is matte liquid lipsticks because, yet again, I have a favorite in Tarte’s. Their matte Lip Paint goes on so smoothly and is such a hydrating formula. It feels like a velvet and looks like a matte which I love. The only downside, it doesn’t last more than an hour, so I have to re-apply multiple times throughout the day. Overall, the formula feels so amazing on my lips so I don’t mind putting it on a few times.

Now for my top favorite beauty brand currently on the market…drum roll please…Maskcara Beauty. Duh! You all knew that was coming. Maskcara’s 3d foundation, Stay setting spray, and brushes are my daily go-tos making it my #1 favorite beauty brand.


Maskcara’s HAC pack replaces about 10 steps in my old beauty routine making it overall easier and quicker for me to get ready each day. Not only do the cream foundation singles offer great coverage but they’re so light on my face it feels like I’m not wearing anything. Maskcara also has a wide shade range, offering products for all skin tones. Their blush shades are to die for and illuminators will make you shine bright like a diamond. All of Maskcara’s products are such high quality but they hit a home run with their setting spray. Stay setting spray smells like coconut and vanilla, giving me summer vibes every time I spray it on my face. It’s the best setting spray I’ve ever used and you get more bang for you buck with the huge 5oz bottle. I’ve been using the same bottle since March and still have a few weeks left of product. My final breakout product from Maskcara is their brushes. They are some of the softest and most beautiful brushes I’ve ever used and they apply product so seamlessly. There are 6 different brushes in their collection and there isn’t a single one I don’t like. They’re all the best of their kind by far but I’d have to say the Detail HAC Brush is my favorite! To read more about Maskcara Beauty, click here!

While there are many more standout beauty brands, these are just my current five  favorites. I hope that if you’ve never heard of or used products from any of these brands, you’ll look into them and give them a try. These are products I use daily and love so very much. They’re all such high quality and in a great price range for everyone.

What are some of your favorite beauty brands and products? Let me know in the comments!




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