My Journey To Dry-Poo

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When I tell people I only wash my hair once every 10-14 days they always give me the same look and each asks the exact same general question, “How does your hair not look like a total grease-ball right now?” Well today, I’m here to share with you all of my tips and tricks to train your hair to go longer without washing.

My hair journey all began about a year ago. At the time, I was washing my hair every single night. It was really thin, brittle, and wouldn’t hold a curl for more than a few hours. You can see from the pictures below how lifeless and flat my it really was!


A friend of mine began talking about how she only washed her hair once a week and quickly that once a week became once every 10 or so days. I hate washing my hair so I was beyond ready to jump aboard this dry-poo train.


The first thing you’re going to want to do is find a dry shampoo that you love and that works well for your hair. I’ve tried multiple dry shampoo brands and my favorite for hair training is Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo. It runs about $5 for a whole 7oz of product and even in those beginning stages of using it every single day it would last me over a month.

Once you’ve found the dry shampoo that best fits your training needs, it’s time to stop washing your hair. Even on the tough greasy days, just remember how great it will be in a few months when you’re only washing your hair once a week! You’ll start the process by only washing your hair every other day. On day two, use your dry shampoo right before you lay down for bed. Lift up sections of hair, and spray it all in your roots. It should give off a white powdery residue, that’s okay, it’s going to fall out while you sleep and you’ll wake up with refreshed and non-greasy hair. Repeat this process for a week or two. As the days go by, you may notice you’re needing a little less dry shampoo each night.

Once you feel like your hair has gotten used to your every other day washing routine, you’re going to cut out a few more washes. Now, you’re washing every 3 days and still using that dry shampoo at night before bed. If you wake up and feel a little greasy, just spray a little more dry-poo in your roots, let it sit while you get ready, then brush it out. Just be sure not to spray too much in the mornings or it will be difficult to brush all of the white residue out. You’ll continue with this routine for two or three weeks, again, until your hair gets more used to it.

Now what? You guessed it! Cut out some more washes! At this point, you’re only washing every 4 days which equates to about twice a week. This is most likely when you’ll feel the greasiest and when you’ll use the most dry shampoo, at least these was my most difficult weeks of hair training. Nothing new to tell you here, use your dry-poo at nights and touch up in the morning if needed.

By now, you probably get the gist. You’re just going to continue dropping washes for a few weeks at a time and eventually you’ll only be washing your hair every 7-10 days. After doing this for almost a year now, I don’t even need dry shampoo until around day seven.

So what are the benefits of not washing your hair as often? Not only is my hair stronger, but the volume I have now is amazing. I went from flat hair, to crazy volume just by skipping a few washes.


Other benefits, my hair color lasts much longer and I don’t have to style it as often. Before, my hair had no life and wouldn’t even hold curl for more than a few hours, much less over night. Now, I curl my hair on day one then I don’t even have to touch it for the next three or four days. Around day five, I’ll straighten it or touch up my curls then after a few more days, I’ll throw it into a messy bun or top knot.

Another silly question I get asked about my dry-poo journey, “So you only shower every 10-14 days?” Gross, no! I shower every night, I just don’t wash my hair. My hair gets thrown into a bun and I keep it as dry as possible while I shower then take it down after I dry off.

This new hair routine has saved me so much time at night and in the morning. I don’t know about you, but it takes me forever to wash my hair and even longer to style it so I love the extra time when I don’t have to do those things. Will I ever go longer without washing? Probably not! I think ten days is the perfect time for my hair but it might not be the perfect length of time for you. Find what works for you and go for it.

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9 thoughts on “My Journey To Dry-Poo

  1. I’ve been wondering about dry shampoo and not washing so often! My hair is awful right now. I’m really not good at styling so it’s always up in an elastic band so it breaks all the time! I’m washing my hair every 2 days? I think? I wash, then go 2 days without. But it doesn’t do much good, I guess because I am not using dry shampoo. I wasn’t ever sure HOW to use it properly or what kind to try! Thank you for your insight on this! I am going to give it a try and maybe some of my natural curls will be able to bounce back! 😘❤


  2. How does working out effect the days you don’t wash your hair? I’m a sweaty mess, and with working out 5-6 days a week I can’t imaging how my hair would smell after 7-10 days of not washing it.


    1. Funny you should ask. Someone just asked me about this in my beauty group! Definitely only do what works for you but I’m a dance teacher and get a gross sweaty mess on the days I teach and I still don’t wash it those days! I’ll update the end of my post, but you could try a hair perfume to refresh the smell! They have dry shampoo with smells but I literally hate every smell of those! Haha. I much prefer the freshness of a hair perfume!


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