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I’ve never been a huge skincare fanatic. I’ve always washed my face but I’ve just never found a product I loved that actually made any difference in my skin. I had really bad acne as a teen and no face wash, high end or drugstore, would ever help ease my irritated skin. I was embarrassed by it but all I could do was cover it up with makeup, wash it off at night, and wake up the next morning in hopes of having a clear face. Of course, it was never clear the next morning and I’d just circle through the same cycle day in and day out. Fortunately, as I got older, my skin got better and I would still have the breakouts but not nearly as bad as my younger teen years. They were more manageable and much less noticeable. I still wasn’t comfortable leaving the house without makeup, but was much more confident in my less broken out skin. Fast forward to the past year or so, I would get 1 or 2 really bad breakouts per week. Once they cleared, I’d have a day or two of clear skin, and just like that, a few more would pop back up! And I’m not talking about the small but annoying whiteheads, I’m talking bad and painful under the skin breakouts!

When the African Black Soap craze hit the beauty world, I was quick to jump on the bandwagon. While it did help manage my breakouts, they didn’t stop and I was so sick of it. I’d had broken out skin for almost 14 years now with no relief.

Enter Tres Leches.



In August 2017, Maskcara Beauty officially launched and I was fortunate enough to attend our launch party in Las Vegas. Maskcara’s Milk moisturizer had already really changed the texture of my skin and was beginning to help lessen my more frequent acne, but when Cara announced the launch of the whole Tres Leches system, I knew it was the missing link to my skin problems!

22519449_10155872537514726_480429136436222820_nCara told us that she’d always had really acne prone skin and hadn’t had a single breakout since starting the Tres Leches system! We were all so excited and I’m pretty sure the whole room leapt to our feet when she announced that those in attendance were going to be the system’s first owners! The stress of my travels had really taken a toll on my skin and I was having a pretty major under the skin breakout on my left jawline. That night I used the 3 step Tres Leches system and the next morning, guess what? My acne was completely gone! Just one night using this stuff and my face was clear! My early teen self would have been so excited! I’ve now been using this skincare line for a little over 2 months and my skin has completely changed for the better. I’ve only had one or two very minor breakouts in the past 2 months and both were resolved by the next morning thanks to Tres Leches! My skin tone is much more even and for the first time in my entire life, I’m comfortable enough with my skin to leave the house without an ounce of makeup! Do I do it often? Heck No! I love my makeup, but if I do need to run a quick errand, I no longer feel the necessity to quickly cover up my face before leaving the house. In my 14 years of searching, I’ve finally found a skincare regimen that I love and would recommend to anyone, not just people with acne prone skin! Tres Leches is available now online. You can buy each individual step separately, or  buy the entire 3 step system at a discount. If you’re interested in the Tres Leches skincare line, click HERE! It’s under ‘shop’ then ‘skin’ at the top of the website! I hope you’ll give this system a go! I just know it will change your skin for the better, just like it changed mine and all the beautiful ladies pictured below!









7 thoughts on “Tres Leches Skincare

  1. I have been battling acne my whole life. I’m a 38 year old female and just discovered the entire maskcara line. the makeup is amazing and I have gotten so many compliments on how amazing my skin looks! Trouble is at night when I go to do the tres leche skincare I have so many pimples! I even got a Whopper cystic under the skin monster. it might very well be the worst pimple I’ve ever had in my life. Anyway I am super nervous about continuing with this system but I do want to press on. Any encouraging words would be greatly appreciated!! BTW I’ve always thought my skin was oily but I did realize that I needs to be more hydrated when I started to use the makeup. It was getting stuck in my pores and looking horrendous on dry skin. The Tres Leches has greatly improved the hydration of my skin…. Now just these pesky zits?!? And also what to do in the morning. I have been doing nothing. Thank you thank you so much!


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