What’s In My Bag?

I’ve always been the girl to carry huge bags! I want my purse to be big enough to hold any and everything I need throughout the day! Right now, I’m obsessed with anything blush pink and my Kate Spade fits the bill perfectly! Not only is it huge, it has some large sectioned pockets to help me organize my life!

So, what IS in my bag? I have some things that interchange depending on my daily plans, but these 6 things come with me wherever I go!

FullSizeRender 2


The first thing I do not leave my house without is my Plum Planner! This thing comes EVERYWHERE with me! Even on days I don’t carry my big purse, my plum
planner is always with me! Some people use their phone calendar to keep up with their schedule but I prefer paper and Plum is the best! I have completely customized my planner to what I do and don’t want in it and it’s my life saver! I don’t make any plans without it going in my planner!

I also LOVE planner stickers and once it’s stuck into my planner, I can tell you exactly what it mean and why I chose it for that day! My planner and stickers are my first and (next to my phone) the most important thing I have in my bag!



Next is my iPhone! I feel like half of the world is team iPhone and half is team Android, I’ve had both and will always be team iPhone! MacBooks, iPads, iWatches, and iPhones; we are 100% an Apple family and will never turn back! I work from my phone and anywhere with internet so my phone is something very important for me to have at all times!



c868c5981831b79646d4c10f4c0bb733My clutch is something else I never leave the house without! It not only acts as my wallet, but also as my makeup pallet for on the go beauty! When I’m taking a quick trip to the grocery store or to run some errands, I can easily grab my clutch and go. It has space for my money and cards along with a section for my makeup brushes and other personal items, unzip the back side and BAM, there’s all my makeup from foundation and blush all the way to eyeshadows! It’s the softest European leather and the best wallet I’ve ever owned!


If you know me, you know how much I love Colourpop Cosmetics! Their liquid matte lipsticks are my all time favorite and you’ll always find one of them in my purse.


Right now, my go to shades are Beeper and Mamacita because they’re the perfect fall shades!



Finally, I am a sunglasses hoarder and always have a pair with me. A few years ago, my husband counted 16 pairs of sunglasses traveling around with me in my car alone. I just love the different styles and looks I can accomplish just by throwing on a pair of shades! Recently I have been  obsessing over “The Roxanne” style from one of my favorite companies, Raising Wild. To snag these sunnies, you’ll definitely have to subscribe to Raising Wild’s email list because they’re almost always sold out! Their cute style and affordable price tag make them irresistible.


What are the staple items in your purse that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!



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