The Denim Shirt

With the official “first day of fall” fast approaching, I thought I’d share some of my favorite fall looks and must have pieces over a few different posts!

Today I’m going to highlight one my all time favorites, the denim button up shirt! It’s so universal and can be worn multiple ways to create different looks. There are just endless ways to stye it; buttoned up with some burgundy skinny jeans, and grey suede booties, tied around your waist with leggings, uggs, and a basic tee for a more relaxed look, or my personal favorite- buttoned half way over a basic white tee, some black jeans, and tan boots! It’s the perfect fall accessory for running errands, heading to the mall, or grabbing brunch with a girlfriend!

Here’s a very real, front iPhone camera photo of my favorite way to style my denim button up.



Want this look in your closet? Get it all below!

The Denim Shirt

Basic white tee

Black Jeans 

Tan Combat Boots





What’s your favorite way to style a denim top? Let me know in the comments!



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