Maskcara Launch Weekend

IMG_5345This past weekend has been one for the books! I went to the official launch party and convention for the makeup company I work for, Maskcara Beauty! To say this was one of the best weekends of my life is an extreme understatement! Not only did I learn so much about our company and our products but even better, after 6 long months of waiting, my online friends finally became my real life friends! The sisterhood I’ve created with these women online is incredible and I’m so thankful that we all loved each other even more in person!

Luckily, my best friend is also involved with Maskcara so we traveled together! We left late Thursday night to head to Las Vegas! I’d never been before so I was excited to experience Vegas for the first time alongside my best friend!


We arrived a little after midnight and made our way to the Palms Casino Hotel just off the strip where our online besties Brandi and Kristyn were anxiously awaiting us! After 6 long months, we were finally in the same room talking and laughing like we’d known each other our whole lives! That’s how strong our Maskcara sisterhood bond truly is! As we met each new girl, the exact same thing happened. These women we’ve spent the last few months getting to know and bond with online, were all finally in the same room!

Friday morning consisted of an amazing brunch with the squad before heading over to the Red Rock Hotel to officially kick off our launch party weekend with a pool party sponsored by the one and only Raising Wild!


We walked into the pool party and there she was, Cara Brook, just standing there waiting for the next thankful beauty to come introduce themselves! I immediately ran up to her to hug her neck and tell her who I was and how thankful I was to be a part of her company! I was so excited to finally meet her in person that I didn’t even get a picture! We hung out at the pool for a few hours before it was time to get ready for that nights activities! Our team, The Bakery, decided to dress as mermaids for the evening, so we got ready and headed back over to Red Rock for registration and the Maskcara scavenger hunt!



I am and always have been a competitor and I jokingly told my team that I would disown them if we lost the scavenger hunt. Well guess what, WE WON and we had so much fun in the process!!!

Once the scavenger hunt was over, we had the most incredible training lead by one of my amazing uplines, Amanda Earnest! So many beautiful women spoke giving us not only amazing tips and trick to help build our business, but told their personal stories expressing how Maskcara has changed their lives!


It was such an inspiring night and Amanda even had bracelets made for all of the beauties on our team that hit their first rank advancement in their first 60 days in the company with extra charms added for each additional ranks! Our first night was officially over and I went to bed exhausted from the busy day but so excited to wake up and officially launch our amazing company!

Friday came early as we woke up to get ready for the most exciting day for Maskcara! The day I’d been waiting for, for nearly 7 months! We got dressed in our matching Team Bakery shirts and made our way back to the Red Rock!


The day began with Cara telling her story and why she created the brand. You could hear the love and excitement in her voice as her company was finally launching! She continued onto some amazing color matching and business techniques that I can’t wait to share with my team! We launched so many products that will hit the shop so very soon and the artists present were able to be the first to purchase and own these new products!


My favorite part of the day was being recognized on stage as one of the top leaders in our entire company! It was a complete surprise and such a humbling experience to see and hear how few Artist Ambassadors and above there truly are! It really made me even more thankful for the amazing opportunity in front of me! I was able to start with Maskcara during pre-launch, work my butt off to hit Ambassador, and attend our official launch party! They gave us the cutest necklace with our HAC logo on it as a small ‘thank you’ for our hard work! The icing on the cake was being recognized with some of my Maskcara besties! These women have listened to me complain when it was hard, we’ve bounced ideas off of each other to help push each other the extra mile, we’ve stayed up all night talking and laughing on voxer, and we’ve hit this amazing rank together!


After the conference was over, it was time to get ready for the Sparkle party! This was our chance to dress up and just celebrate launch with our sisterhood! We had the best time being all together and dancing the night away!!!


Sunday came all too quickly and most of the ladies left that morning! Seany and I took the day to explore the strip before heading back to Northern VA that night! We had some lunch, went into the beautiful hotels and watched the water show at the Bellagio before heading back to our hotel to pack up and  go home.


We had one final dinner with the girls and snuggled up in Brandi’s room for a few final laughs before it was all too quickly time to leave.

It was one of the greatest weekend trips and I’m so thankful to be a part of this amazing company! The love that not only we have for each other, but the company has for us too is incredible! I’m so thankful for the amazing opportunity that I was given, to be there at the start of this company, during pre-launch and to even attend this launch weekend! I’m thankful for all of the friendships Maskcara has brought into my life and for the sisterhood we have created with each other! If you want in on this amazing Maskcara opportunity, don’t even hesitate to ask me! It has completely changed my life and I know it will yours too! I can’t wait to be best friends with YOU too!




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